• MacOS Metal graphics
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Now I am not sure if this has all been adressed but recently Im thinking its because of "MacOS Metal" being added in the patch but it makes my computer blue screen / get stuck on one screen until I reboot my computer. So I was wondering what is Metal? how does it work and how do I get it because I would very much like to return to rust. Please get back to me on this i am seriously wondering.
Metal is a graphics API, like DirectX and OpenGL. If you don't really understand what those are, I don't want to get into too much detail but basically they are a way for a programmer to manipulate the graphics card. You don't "get Metal", it is either supported or not by your hardware/software, but the software in this case is your operating system. Basically Metal is not something you should worry about and doesn't directly affect the end user.
so do I install it or is it something that automatically happens and it just comes with the product you buy?
You don't Install it, Its already built in the OS.
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