• Friend having an issue {Ghosting-Desync Related}
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My friends build is a fx-8350, 10gb of ram, and a 760. It's not the best and is kind of out dated but fps isn't the issue. He has the game on an SSD and it loads in fine, he gets decent frames but then this de-syncing happens. So an example of this is like it will lag a bit then what he sees is up to or above 5 minutes in the past. So I'll chop down a tree and then 5 minutes later he will see me chopping down the tree. I'll say something like "it's 12:00" and at 12:05 hell hear that in game. He doesn't lag like this in any other games and his voice on discord is fine. His CPU MEM and GPU aren't at 100% either. I just really need some help or advice to what can be causing this and how to fix it. Thank you.
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