• Rust lagging
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Gonna cut right to the chase. My PC specs are GTX 1050 3GB MSI, 8gb of ram 1600hz, core i5 6500, just a simple hdd, no ssd. Why do I still lag on rust? Other games work fine, but rust lags a lot. It takes an average of 15-20 minutes for my game to load when I connect to the server, and when I'm in, it lags a lot. It is playable, but isn't my GPU doing it's job or what? Does rust require a much more expensive graphics card? All my settings are the lowest in game, and I run the game on super patato but still the lag happens. Any possible fixes? I have no background programs running, just rust.
8GB of RAM is the minimum spec for Rust. That won't be helping you at all, because it'll be shoving things into virtual memory on your HDD. Anytime virtual memory on an HDD is involved, performance can go out the window.
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