• (PLEASE HELP) Unexpected Character encountered while parsing value
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In the attached files i get this text when loading up Rust. I can play fine, but i can't see or search official servers. I play for around 30 minutes, then it kicks me, saying the same text on the top right but in a smaller size and in a red font. It also says unexpected character encountered etc etc where the server name should be whenever i disconnect. I've tried reinstalling on two separate ssd's, i've tried removing, repairing EAC, i've tried deleting all files of Rust and reinstalling, i've tried loading the game without my nord vpn and firewall on. I've tried updating my windows and my graphics drivers. ALL of the above have not worked. I physically can't play Rust for more than 30 ish so minutes. Which practically means a i can't play at all, without falling asleep during PVP, near an animal, near players, or doing anything that has got to do with against players and the game it self. Which is very problematic seeing as i'm also a content creator and i physically can't record nor stream without being kicked/this bug happening. PLEASE. It's been like this for around 3 days an i physically and mentally can't think of anything else i can do to fix this. PLEASE! https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/177530/8f96eb62-28a1-4f51-b187-ce2ef2528c88/unknown (1).png https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/177530/d26f04fb-468f-43d3-9643-e2259a714a3e/gg.jpg
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