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So recently a server I worked on got blacklisted (, I'm just curious about the decision that went into banning it because nothing we were doing violated the server rules. It's not like we got a notification, or any red flags in the server console, at first we thought it was a port issue it took a while to figure out we were blacklisted.
How did you figure our you were blacklisted, i'm currently having an issue where my server just doesn't show up on the community listings and now i'm wondering if maybe my server is blacklisted
I did some digging and found this api page, this page contains all official and blacklisted servers: http://api.facepunch.com/api/project/manifest/?public_key=j0VF6sNnzn9rwt9qTZtI02zTYK8PRdN1 There are like 840 blocked servers, just control F your server ip and if it in that list, you are out black listed. My issue is there are no reasons listed. was flagged for faking player count. I've now removed the blacklist and will review it.
Doesn't look like mine is on there, have no idea why my server doesn't exist on the listings lol
Whats your servers IP? Make sure your server.port are open. is my IP, and I pay for the server through https://nitrous-networks.com/ so I would assume they have the ports open I had already spoke to them about it, and when using http://playrust.io/ to search for the server, it comes up and Rust IO pulls information from the facepunch server list I believe, it's only in-game where the server just doesn't appear. Any ideas?
I am having this same issue. Not blacklisted, but not showing in server lists for a week now. We are almost always in the top 5 pve servers until this last week. Now, we have our regular players, but haven't seen a new player since this started. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Hi, I saw that my server went to a list of banned servers in the moded community. I would like to know why. My ip is: This is the site of my server www.novooestebrasil.com.br Could you please remove it from this list? Best Regards! Manoel M. Neto
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