• I have an idea for a mod
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Would someone please make a mod that does the following. When you die you lose one random learned BP. I want it so that there is a cost to suicide or dying beyond the losing of gear.
That's a weird request, imagine after hours of farming/PvP'ing you gain a very valuable BP/Item to research... Just to have it taken away randomly just because you got killed/Suicided. But hey, its what you want so i cant argue with that If you want a cost to suicides, you could get a plugin that limits it though (If that's the sort of thing you're after)
Hey do you mind if I just drop an idea in this thread since I don't want to start a new thread? I feel like graffiti tagging would be a cool idea for a mod and would really fit the tribalist nature of Rust.
what if you lose the Rocket Launcher BP? You think would that be worth it?
Spontaneous post-mortem alzheimer, cool x'D
The boar that kills you makes them.
There is already an Oxide plugin called "HardcoreDeath" which does exactly that.
Wondering how we can tie the Oxide modding community in here.
Not a bad idea but should only apply to suicide. I think it would be a game killer if you lost a BP everytime you got killed by clan's or people who camp naked's.
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