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Progress: RustMapEditor Spawning prefabs Screenshot (Loaded Terrain and some prefabs) Waiting on the SDK to update so I can texture things and going to load the rest of the prefabs (only loading 130 / 1000+)
I am psyched for custom Rust maps. I am still looking through everything in current SDK but is there going to be a way to modify procgen to create custom maps still base on seeds but with the ability to change variables of it? I am not sure if that is even possible but it would be a great feature.
I am pretty sure they plan to expose the terrain generation in the SDK so we can tweak procgen as much as we want.
Awesome work dude !! keep going !
Looking good so far! I look forward to seeing more updates.
cant wait to get all this assets and to start environment design
Got splatmaps loaded and added some color to the terrain. Screenshot
Honestly if you keep working on this and fleshed (as in updating it and working on the ui) it out like what fortify did I would pay money for it on steam.
I could see this going up on the unity asset store, but that's about it
Where can i download this editor it is so much amazing
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