• My updates with rust world sdk
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not sure when im gonna release all this but probably soon So far importing maps with prefabs and paths works. Here's some pictures of that https://imgur.com/a/dvoH1ne I didn't really add in any models for the prefabs tho so they're just small white cubes. Here's some early pictures of development from a few days ago. Apparently if you don't set a biome the map turns black lol https://imgur.com/a/FR0jIil https://imgur.com/a/ym0cFpy https://imgur.com/a/B0t8Sox Here's something you'll never see in procgen, a sand mountain. https://imgur.com/a/ofZ12zk Y'all remember this?? https://imgur.com/ERLNsbS Might be more recognizable from this perspective https://imgur.com/a/zIFi3n4
Great job!
Moon with a sky and sun. You did a great job, keep it up.
thank you! thanks! i wonder if i could make a map where the ground is greyish and and has craters. could even throw a dome in the sky to look like mars lmao
I'm not sure I recognize it, is it Middle-Earth or something?
this is insane good job! and is the bottom pictures of legacy map??? someone has to make a legacy map it would be amazing
thanks man i can see the resemblance but nah its just legacy heightmap. hopefully i'll get the rest working soon thanks yeah its just the heightmap tho so no roads, textures, monuments or even rocks lol i think im just gonna work on the map editor first and then continue working on porting the legacy map
i would really like to know hoe to get to that stage , good job , im still fishing about for the textures and other things , any quick tips or directions to speed up my progress
We are still waiting for a more or less normal editor comes out. So far, everything looks very raw as a rust new in 2014
Hey thanks. I replied to your pm on Reddit. I'm gonna be posting my code up soon for everyone to see and most likely I'll put it here before I put it on Reddit When I release mine I don't think it'll be as polished as a map editor should be lol It'll still work but might be a bit hard to work with if you're not used to unity I'm pretty sure oxide is working on an editor too so theirs is probably gonna be more polished and easier to use than mine is
Dude this is awesome. We know FP could have made this, but I kinda like that they let someone else do it. I'm looking forward to making some custom maps.
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