• My Map Editor Code + Updated SDK with Prefab loading
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https://imgur.com/a/b40Zltf I only recommend using this if you know how to program. I plan on polishing it up a bit and doing an official release so people can make their own maps. Exporting still doesnt fully work yet. Loading prefabs from the bundles isn't 100% but it works decent enough. I really hope someone willl use my code and expand on it. I'm not sure if I'll have enough time to make decent progress on this anymore. I've been putting in like 4-6 hours a day of my free time into this and porting the legacy map. I gotta get a job real soon so i doubt i'll have enough time to work on this and idk if I'll even want to spend my limited free time on this if I get a job. Idk I guess we'll see in the future, but hopefully Oxide Team or JakeRich can keep working on it. I'll still try to release a map editor and a ported version of the legacy map tho, but im not sure how long it'll take. https://github.com/JasonM97/Rust-Map-Editor
Nice work!
This is incredible.
Very Cool
Great job on this!
good job.. threw together a bare skull island with it.. sweet. https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/112514/27aaae04-0d8f-449f-8a86-da277e5d1c8b/20180628000710_1.jpg
GR8 work mate! Can u make tutorial for noobs how to open this and how to work with this?
https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/138715/b8ca3bd8-acf8-4429-8e4e-d5dfd467bd80/image.png Guys, how to fix it?
Thanks for the nice words everyone! There's some paths you need to change in MapLoader.cs This release wasn't really meant to be a public release for map makers to use, this was more for programmers to just work off my code and hopefully help the community make progress. I havent had alot of time recently to work on it so i just released what i had so others can make use of it I'm gonna make a proper version that will be easy to use but idk how long its gonna take
Hello!How to save a map?xD
yes, if I can get a chance soon, ill make a quick tutorial.. but biggest thing now only staging branch maps can really be used. Until at least after next update, then the main branch maps should work.
I posted an issue I have on the github. If anyone knows how to fix it, please let me know.
Make sure you have the correct directory on line 153 in MapLoader There's a file called Bundles the folder "RustStaging\Bundles\" It has no file extension. Basically it's like a directory to load all the other bundles. If you're trying to get assets from the bundles you have to use the filesystem class like this GameObject g = FileSystem.Load<GameObject>(StringPool.Get((blob.world.prefabs[i].id))); The parameter for load should just be the asset file path
I think there is an error when trying to load the file "assets/manifest.asset," as it gives me errors on my project and on yours. I've entered the paths for the file correctly, but it still won't load any prefabs.
Well I think I found the solution, you need to be running the beta of unity for some reason (2018.1.6f1 might work, I haven't tested).
I've got some more changes coming soon, most likely today or tomorrow https://i.imgur.com/bxPEeVl.png https://i.imgur.com/dsZaNEv.png
Amazing dude
Might as well share my progress: https://youtu.be/YO5khKSm71A
Nice! good to see people making progress so the error was fixed by updating unity? did you have to update to 2018.2 or was 2018.1 good enough?
2018.1 just doesnt load manifest file?
I got it working but saving seems to not work for me. Looking forward to seeing more updates! In the meantime I'm gonna keep trying to get it to work properly for me.
Just a Quick note if anyone wants others to test there maps out or just play with the server side of the map. For me, maps are not really usable yet.. FYI. just more a cool thing to look  at. it does have to be hosted on a webserver somewhere or accessible via web. make sure the server.levelurl "http://www.mymapwebsite.com/mymap.map" is in the server startup config currently only works for staging branch. probably will change after next update.. maybe.. lol if you change and resave the web map file with the same name, you will need to manually delete the map file from rust staging server folder (before startup) and players will need to delete the file in there steam, rust staging local file cache under maps folder before they login. if the map is a  different name, then I don't it matters to remove the old one. Just some FYI from my experience with it.
Exporting should work 100% in this next update good info to know. the 4th thing is pretty annoying, hopefully they'll patch that
I just pushed a big update. I'll let you guys play around with it before I officially release it on here and reddit. Please try to report any issues you're having with it. I want to get all the bugs fixed before I let everyone have it.
Where is maploader.cs?
It's mapIO now
https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/138715/d8ea52b3-6130-490b-80c3-608a70d0bd55/image.png Dude, how can i open a map now?
select some prefabs and check the spawn on play box if you have the correct directory set up it should spawn them in when you click play I also updated the code so you might have to update to get it working
After I went through it myself, Dezinated changed the code so the prefabs don't load, but rather a cube. Just find the cube and (haven't tested this) and move it around. It's much more efficient and less taxing on the CPU and GPU, just less 'eye candy.'
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