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Dezinated's Rust Map Editor + Extended SDK Thanks for the help VJ, Kidd, and Snowballfred. Shoutouts to  ! Novo !, VirtualBright, yellowhello786, JakeRich, HaterOfLatestUpd, and ColonBlow for being invested in the project and messing around with the SDK. Link to Dezinated's Rust Map Editor https://github.com/JasonM97/Rust-Map-Editor Check out my patreon and help support developement for this Map Editor and new future Rust content creation tools and programs! https://www.patreon.com/dezinated The editor is good enough to get the basics done but if I can get enough support on Patreon I can continue working on this project and implementing new features such as autosave and adding new tools to make map creation easier. Images of the Editor https://imgur.com/gallery/CCYjZym Notes Make sure you're on a Unity 2018 version. 2018.2 is confirmed working. Use .NET 4.0 Maps need to be hosted on websites in order for other players to download them (You can use a local path if just testing on your own network) If you get a FileMismatch error that means you already have the file but it doesn't match the one on the server. To delete the copy of the map on your PC just open console in game by hitting F1 and look for the map file name it was trying to download. Then find it in this directory "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Rust\maps" and delete it. If you're still getting this error that means the server already has the map but it doesn't match the one being downloaded from the website.  Moving terrains around won't do anything. The editor will only export the heightmap. !Important! Water needs to be at 500. It can go over but if it's under 500 it will still count as water but look like land. Use the flatten option from the terrain editor to set it to 500. If you get a `NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object` error message you probably have water disabled. Select the `Water` object from the Hierarchy and in the Inspector select the checkbox by its name to enable it. Features Extended SDK that allows Prefab loading direct from game content files Importing and exporting .map files Ability to edit Terrain Map Ground Textures Biomes Topology Alpha Map Simple painting tools to easily edit map features Spawn in prefabs such as monuments and decor How to use the Editor 1) Opening the Project Make sure you're on Unity 2018.2 and then launch Unity. When the Unity projects window opens up click on Open. Do not create a new project. Select the folder that contains the files downloaded from GitHub. Load `Dezinated's Rust Map Editor` project and it should take you into the editor view. Then at the bottom of the editor view there should be a file explorer; navigate to the Scenes folder and open `SampleScene`. 2) Loading a Map On the left side of the editor screen, in the Hierarchy you will see all of the object the scene contains. Click on the `MapIO` object and you will notice map option on the right side of the editor in the Inspector. Import/Export buttons are to load and save .map files. 3) Editing Map Features Again with `MapIO` selected you can switch between editing different map features. The dropdown list will contain Ground, Biome, Alpha, and Topology. Simply select a feature you would like to edit and then click on `Land` in the Hierarchy. From there you will see the Terrain component on the right side in the Inspector. Changing the terrain height will change the heightmap no matter which feature you are editing. To change features go to the texture painting tool on the terrain options. Depending on which feature you are editing there will be different textures available to use. What are the different features you can edit? Ground: The ground textures you see when walking around in game. (Sand, dirt, rock, grass, etc.) Biome: Affects how the ground textures are coloured and what type of foilage spawns. (Arid, Arctic, Tundra, Temperate) Alpha: Makes parts of the map invisible. This is used for cave entrances and underground tunnels. Basically anything you need to punch a hole in the map for. Topology: One of the most fun features to mess with. This controls quite a few things and I haven't messed around with all of them yet. With this you're able to flag certain areas and control what happens there. For instance areas marked beach will spawn boats and count as spawn points for naked. Setting areas to `RoadSide` will make them spawn road loot. List of Topologies: `Field`, `Cliff`, `Summit`, `Beachside`, `Beach`, `Forest`, `Forestside`, `Ocean`, `Oceanside`, `Decor`, `Monument`, `Road`, `Roadside`, `Swamp`, `River`, `Riverside`, `Lake`, `Lakeside`, `Offshore`, `Powerline`, `Runway`, `Building`, `Cliffside`, `Mountain`, `Clutter`, `Alt`, `Tier0`, `Tier1`, `Tier2`, `Mainland`, `Hilltop` 4) Using Prefabs Prefabs still need to be worked on a bit. How it's currently being done is every Prefab that spawns on the map is represented by a white cube in the editor. When the map is saved and loaded in to Rust, the client spawns the actual prefab there. In the editor if you load a map you will notice white cubes everywhere. Clicking on a white cube will show you information about that Prefab and moving it around will update it's position values. If you use your file explorer to naviate to Resources/Prefabs/Monuments you will notice I made a Prefab called `Dome`. To make Prefabs like this simply select a Prefab that you have in your scene and drag it in to the file explorer to save it. You can then rename it to anything you like and drag it back in to the Scene view as many times as you'd like. Prefabs also have an option to load them from the game files on play. If you press the play button the editor will load the actual Prefab from the game files. - Extended SDK to allow loading prefabs from bundle files - Warning: Unity will use alot RAM if you load prefabs from the game files. So don't press play if you have unsaved changes. - The prefab loading is really basic, it works but its not the best - Prefabs don't have any materials and appear black
Great job! Gonna try out the new version when I get home. I'm curious if anyone has managed to get the assets for monuments so we can create custom monuments like Hapis.
Just fun Xd https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/138715/e6c1e251-1d54-4434-a0e6-09517d47e697/image.png https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/138715/1c2bd523-b634-49ea-995e-f8c00c2cf175/image.png https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/138715/838508b9-3e96-49e2-b433-16531d7f5333/image.png https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/138715/33e6de5d-58d9-4439-8389-104b9a44655f/image.png https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/138715/302438e6-4062-44b8-9625-c564affd3c39/image.png
The future is now
facepalm... guys, need good code, need good world editor. Basic humans dont have skill to Unity. https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/287544/a2083f90-3d94-4b43-8a4e-8122f5767cc3/Screenshot_6.png https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/287544/34c9302c-6999-4abc-abc6-3195deb64be7/Screenshot_7.png I now make 2 orders, and they are very long. I just do not have enough time to take and do. But I'll try to show you - what is a real World Editor
I am said basic human
Wow, my pics in community update.
Has anyone managed to get the prefabs used in creating the monuments. I'm interested in creating custom monuments like how hapis has custom monuments.
I don't think there is support for custom monuments, unfortunately.
Hi, I have this error, compil errors and can't load map :/ (unity 2018.1.0 b10) Assets/Plugins/Rust.World/FileSystem_AssetBundles.cs(19,32): error CS1070: The type `UnityEngine.AssetBundle' has been forwarded to an assembly that is not referenced. Enable the built in package 'Asset Bundle' in the Package Manager window to fix this error.
Try 0b7 Not sure why 0b10 is doing that for some people
Dude, Andreandre was updated sdk
R.I.P Dezinated's SDK
Hello, Would anyone please be kind enough to teach me how to import heightmaps into any of the editors working right now? Is that possible? If so someone should really make a video tutorial or make a tutorial of any kind! thank you for any help in advance, -izatrix
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