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Hey guys, I am new here. some of you may know me as a plugin dev from from Oxide. I jumped on the map editor bandwagon this week and thought I'd share with you my progress. Having not really used Unity in the past the time I spent working on this has been interesting, I have learnt a great deal about Unity in a small amount of time. Here are a couple of videos to give you an idea of where it is at currently https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=81C77LbApCw https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GsEUqlPOImc https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J6BhI3A1MkM Here is a rundown Rust Editor v1.0.0 Features: Terrain modification - Raise/Lower/Flatten/Smooth tools, round and square brush types, adjustable tool size and intensity Terrain painting - Paint splat/biome/alpha/splat maps, visual representation of each type, round and square brush types, adjustable tool size Prefab transform tool - adjust position/rotation and scale use the transform gizmo, or set values manually in the transform panel Prefab spawning - Ability to spawn a ton of different prefabs, anything from complete monuments, to rocks. Just find the prefab you want to spawn from the prefab hierarchy and drag it in to the scene Save and load maps ready to be used ingame Camera Controls: W,S,A,D - To move the camera around. Hold the right mouse button and move the mouse to change the viewing direction. Transform Tool Controls Delete - Delete the prefab you have selected Ctrl + D - Duplicate the object you have selected Ctrl + W - Switch to the movement tool Ctrl + E - Switch to the rotation tool Ctrl + R - Switch to the scale tool Ctrl + Spacebar - Switch between local and global space Left Mouse - Select a object, or deselect a object by clicking on nothing Right Mouse - Deselect a object Incomplete Features: Creating maps from scratch hasn't been worked on yet, the buttons are there, but won't do anything. Haven't switched back to the loading screen when opening a map when one is already open. The prefab preview window in the prefab hierarchy needs some love Water and terrain textures are just placeholders Shaders that actually make objects look good Ability to edit the water maps Lots of other things :P The Future of this Tool: Undetermined at this stage, I started this just to see what I could do and it spiralled. I have a large list of things I would like to implement so it really depends if people are interested. Instructions: When you first load it will ask you to locate your Rust client directory, browse to your Rust install the select the base Rust folder. Once you have done that, click Load, Select a file, Load File and let it load. *Warning* Larger maps take a while to load! The rest should be pretty self explanatory Download Link : http://www.filedropper.com/rustmapeditorv100
Great wotk mate.
Lol, needs backward and forward functions.
Wow this is a change from the current released map editor, gonna have to try it out sometime. Great job!
Editor is looking good... And its standalone !!! Sure to help out everyone who isn't a programmer or unity expert
I have a problem I'm still stuck in loading the map ... i need unity software to load rust editor ?
I did notice the initial map load can take a very long time. I used a 1500 size custom map with barely anything on it.. and it took almost 5 minutes.. But opening it again was under 30 seconds. now restarting PC and clearing memory cache.. it might take a while again for the first time. Large maps could take a very long time to load prefabs for the first time of the day.
Hey man, I actually love your plugins lol. This editor looks awesome. You should stop by the Rusty Cartographer's discord, we've got like 500 people in there so far, we've been using Dezinator's editor so far but we'd all love to try out this one. https://discord.gg/6w59hhw
I tried but it does not work why rustmapeditor remains blocking on loading map element I install unity 2018.2.0b7 but it does not change anything you have an idea
Nice work!
what's your map size? I loaded a 2500 size map and it took like 2 hours to load for the first time. I would start with a super small map.. then modify as needed after. works much faster.
I thought it was broken because it was not doing anything, also @k1lly0u you can move the loading bar at the bottom.
I test with a 95ko map RustWorldTemplate.map this should charge quickly the program needs something else to work ?
Ok, forgot about this.. it just like the other editor... use a Staging branch map.. pref 1000 size or smaller to start. Don't use fresh proc gen maps from Main Branch to Load. its does not like them at all. Use Staging Branch Proc gen maps or  already made custom saved maps. after you resave them with the editor, you can use them for both Main and Staging branch and load them up again just fine. Just loaded up a fresh Staging Branch proc gen 1000 size map in approx. 1min. no issues. resaved, loaded up to a Main Branch server.. works great.
Editor seems to take forever to load
Looks good so far cant wait to see it advance.
Are you trying to create a new map? This function isn't working AFAIK. Also i noticed that some procedural maps aren't loading as well, so i am making terrain and other stuff in Dezinated's editor and the importing my map into k1lly0u's editor to add prefabs.
Amazing. But loading takes too long even with SSD : /
I can't create new map , when im starting loading a map programe crashes ;/
You can't do it. Open any procedural map.
When im trying to open any map , it's says application stopped working.
Do you have unity installed
This is great thank you.
Got a bit of work done over the last couple of days, mostly UI and internal stuff. The biggest thing is the implementation of asset pre-loading and the reduction of load times. The asset pre-loading takes between 1-1.5 minutes but allows all the assets to be ready in game so no lag when browsing the prefab list. I tested this new system on a 3k procedural map and it took ~3.5 minutes to load (including asset pre-loading). Once the editor has been loaded once you wont need to reload assets so you can knock that minute and a half off load times when opening any other map providing you don't close the editor in between I also finished off the map creation stuff, you can now create maps from scratch. I also implemented a basic height map importer so you can generate maps based off height map images. There are a couple of sliders when creating to adjust the intensity of the import and also the base height of the terrain. This is still WIP and could use some love in the future, but it works good enough for now I forgot to mention in the original description that there is a hotkey for the flatten height tool. Ctrl+Right Mouse will sample the terrain height at the cursor Also I renamed the project to RustEdit so delete the previous version when updating Screenshot Screenshot -- Version 1.0.1 -- Change Log -- Fixed flatten height slider Fixed flatten height hotkey not updating the GUI Added support for creating new maps Added support for creating new maps using heightmap images Added support to open other maps from within the editor Added manifest pre-loading when the editor is opened Added asset pre-loading when the map loads Changed loading screen, now contains useful information Changed the main menu Download Link -> http://www.filedropper.com/rustedit-101
Awesome Update !!! Maps seems to play much nicer now
Maps began to load normally. But there are still problems with translucent textures like grass, bushes, trees and fire particles.   Also missing is the texture of the water (it's simply not visible) and when creating the map I would like to see clearly where its level will be. (It's better to generally move the water level parameter in the editor's menu to see the real-time changes.)   Still lacks the tool "flatten vertices". In the rest everything is wonderful! This is progress, compared with what we received at the very beginning. Thank you!
https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/112514/9378d87e-623f-4680-aa67-7037ba7014ba/20180710035604_1.jpg Constructive placement of Rock prefabs can make some interesting "FUN" .. .lol And to think how early these tools are in the process. cant wait to see where it goes.
Not bad for your first unity project!
Any chance we could get an osx client?
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