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Your forum does not send confirmation of registration to e-mail, so i can not download the map editor
Here's an official mirror: https://tinyurl.com/y9obqnj3
its already empty
Yep! I have same issue on my non-gmail email box. But if you whant to use Steam login you could unjoin your steam account from forum account. and then register another one account on forum with Gmail email box - But you should use different forum-login name. Then i hope you will receive confirmation email (For me this helps). P.S: But i think will best if @k1lly0u fix this)) For example I want to use my original nickname)).
I just made an in-depth tutorial on everything you need to know on how to get started making maps with this editor. 100% helpfull if ur new to map making. https://youtu.be/JS3ILiLNWtc
Where is the version 1.0.5 version download?
Loving this editor. @k1lly0u is there a chance you can possibly look in to what is causing your forum website to send absolutely long delayed emails and not allow us to download the 1.05 editor? I've been attempting to pick up your latest version but alas cannot. I'd love to use it. Instead, for right now I'm relegated to using 1.04 but at least it's working.
Good. The last time I asked where the new version was, they came out in 2 days. So I'm asking now: Where is version 1.0.6?
Why would you think it's released yet?
Спустя два месяца суда зашел - смотрю ник знакомый, а это я отвечал сооснователю R.I.P den4a halloween. Я, конечно, играл у вас не много, ибо сорри, но слишком много было серверных лагов(а как я материл твой сервер)))))))99))00)) (до конца 2017 100%(может, уже в 2018 все было нормально - не знаю) Кстати, пацаны, там Хеллоуин уже близко ( я не про того дурачка Максима), проекта не будет же, верно? Как писюн не крути, но в расте наконец-то появился почти полноценный редактор уровне, а это большой простор для фантазии... Может, Денча вернется да карту в виде своего ебала( тыквы нахуй аа0азаза) сделает??? На самом деле никто не вернется, хотелось бы узнать от тебя чуть более подробную причину, да хуй с ним...
Hmm, again two days. Coincidence? I do not think so, but thanks anyway. RustEdit v1.0.6 | RustEdit
1.0.7 is release now though. RustEdit v1.0.7 | RustEdit
Well, that's great.
Name the Editor RustEd
How soon will we wait for a new version of the editor?
Awesome piece of software! :-D Bravo!
Hi not sure if you're still working on this but I managed to get a map working pretty well from the height map you uploaded I can't quite remember the specific way I edited it, but I'd be happy to share it with anyone that wants it. Pretty sure the sea bed needs some work doing to it though as when I try to fly over the crazy deep parts in the mini copters they just cut out and you sink like the titanic.
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