• Where can custom maps be downloaded?
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I feel ashamed to make a thread myself to ask this, but Google turns up nothing. So thanks to the SDK's, we have custom maps. But where can I find them, and download them? Is there a centralized website to download custom maps for Rust?
Dezinated's discord has maps there. I'm, pretty sure posting maps here is acceptable also.
Would be nice if we could post maps to the workshop like garry's mod
Can they be downloaded from there though? And I don't remember seeing a link to download any custom map on these forums.
I don't think there is a central place to download any custom maps yet. The map editors are still in a WIP state and a lot of maps are not %100 game ready maps. More trial and error testing. and A lot of learning . It would be nice to have a Official Rust Custom Map area under workshop or something. But I imagine someone else would have to Make a central Map place or just find links people posted here and there.
I'm almost done my new map, "Sunken", and I'm gonna post it up here for now and in the discord of course.
Thanks, I'd love to see it when it's done.
There is no web-site for maps hosting yet, but we use #map-files channel for this on Rusty Cartographers Discord server. Discord is a surprisingly good maps hosting. :p
Thanks, I'll check it out.
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