• Any way to remove all of a specific item?
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I run an almost completely vanilla server, besides the fact we have a noob area with a zone manager installed. We built a hotel for new people to stay in and learn the game, and in each room I had placed a pookie bear. I later discovered I hadn't properly configured the zone and people were able to pick up these bears, and they are now in various locations across the map thanks to killing/raiding etc. People have been calling admin abuse when finding these bears despite my explanations, so I am wondering other than me checking every single base in the game, is there a plugin or a way to delete all of a specific type of item that is present in the server?
Don't know mate. teleportany used to be really useful for this sort of thing, but it stopped working last year.
you can delete all instances of something by going to server console and typing del and prefab string. example to delete all pookies bears on your server you would use: del assets/prefabs/misc/xmas/pookie/pookie_deployed.prefab
Excellent, that's worked well, it said it couldnt find any on the second command. but got rid of all deployed ;)
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