• Game Banned (NOT VAC) from Rust BY DEVELOPER
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As I said in my recent post that was prematurely closed. My ALT account was hacked and logged in from an unrecognized device. I haven't used that ALT account since Rust Legacy (Vanilla) 3 years ago. Whilst on Battlefield 1,000X I got a ban because the person jumped on the game while I was on my account and I didn't know. I was banned for "Family Sharing", when I don't play on any other accounts. I ha JUST reached 1,000 hours and was celebrating my achievement with some kills. You'd think 4 years of playing legit would pay off... But it was a game ban by the administrator NOT EAC or VAC. Facepunch banned me, which is why I wish for my ban to be appealed. My name is James Dean Harlock, signing off. See you in the comments.
Hello, this is an automated message, do not reply to this post. Please read this thread that is stickied to the top of the Help Me subforum: https://forum.facepunch.com/f/rusthelp/bsmwz/READ-THIS-concerning-EAC-bans-VAC-bans-Game-bans-developer-bans-server-bans/1/ Or read below: We do not handle EAC, VAC, or community server bans here. If you were EAC banned/game banned/developer banned or something, take it up with Easy Anti-Cheat as they are the ones that handle them. If you were VAC banned, take it up with Steam Support. If you were banned from some random community server, take it up with them wherever they might be. Nobody in this subforum will be able to help you. Thank you, and have a nice day!
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