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Hi, I wonder if there is a way to put scientist in a player base. I explain, we have a rust server with my friends but nobody comes in. So to have some fun, i wanted to make a "game base" like a stage in a doom or half-life game. That was a huge base where i even spawn a bradley APC and that's awesome !! But no matter where in the base, when i spawn a scientist, he fall through the floor and get out of the base like there was none. Is there a way to do that ? I spend ~3/4 hours to do that and weirdly i've no problem with the bradley APC...
hi in first sorry for my english so whith oxide you have plugin name npc with other plugin kit and waypoint you can create stuff and patern for npc and you can config all you need agrro distance hostile not hostile life loot or not i had use it on my serveur to create patrol in rad zone and on the road it take small time to undertand know how configure the waypoint take more time but when you know how use it possibilty are many i hope you have understand me
Hey there Without Oxide animals/scientists/murderers AI is that they're automatically thrown out of bases to the nearest point that isn't built on. BradleyAPC is a special case, but blindly tries to drive directly to Launch until hitting something in the way. At end of wipe arena events I've set up I just accepted if we were using AI in the event it had to be outside with copious use of high external walls and gates. Like @zancka says Oxide is the way forward. If you take the time to setup your server with Oxide it opens the door to lots of different plug ins and you never know what that can lead to.
Thanks mates, I've seen the oxide mod "NPC" before but not tried it. So the only way to make a "self made level" is as you said to put scientist between external wall... That's so sad, in 3 or 4 hours i've build a full FPS map like in doom, with secrets and tricky things... I'll try mods "NPC" and "bot" see if i can do things like that.
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