• Removing a specific element of the user interface?
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Hello! Is it possible to delete a specific element of the UI? I used the plugin "ComponentBlocker" for blocked a object but I still see the image of the object in the crafting list, an idea? I also tried the plugin "ItemConfig" with for exemple (for Code lock): { "amountToCreate": 1.0, "blueprintStackSize": -1.0, "ingredients": [ { "amount": 100.0, "shortname": "metal.fragments" } ], "isResearchable": False, "NeedsSteamItem": false, "rarity": "None", "scrapFromRecycle": 0.0, "scrapRequired": 0.0, "targetItem": "lock.code", "time": 30.0, "UnlockAchievment": "", "workbenchLevelRequired": 3.0 }, { "category": "Construction", "condition": { "enabled": false, "maintainMaxCondition": false, "max": 0.0, "repairable": false }, "CraftableWithSkin": false, "craftingStackable": 10.0, "displayDescription": "An electronic lock. Locked and unlocked with four-digit code.", "displayName": "Code Lock", "HasSkins": false, "isHoldable": true, "isUsable": true, "maxDraggable": 0.0, "modules": [], "Parent": null, "quickDespawn": false, "rarity": "None", "shortname": "lock.code", "spawnAsBlueprint": false, "stackable": 1.0 }, It's for my medieval type server... Can you help me please?
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