• HELP! Floating bots/NPCs on modded server
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I'm battling to get the bots working correctly on my modded server. They spawn, but they're floating about a foot off the ground and the console is throwing the ffg. error: "Failed to create agent because there is no valid NavMesh" If you move close enough, they attack, but they cant move around. The Bradley, chopper/heli work correctly. I'm running the latest versions of everything. I've tried removing plugins, restarting the server and all the usual troubleshooting actions. I'm using the "Botspawn" and "radtownanimals" plugins and disabling them doesnt help. The bandits and other NPCs at the camp are also floating, but the green scientists at the compound arent, they seem to be the only NPCs that work properly. I'd really appreciate some guidance on how to solve this. I hoped the last patch would fix it, but alas, its still broken PS: I'm really new to running rust servers - I've been running this server now for under a week.
SOLVED: Server config needs "+nav_disable false" (set to "true" by default)
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