• Ban on server for no reason!
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I was playing on a modified PT-BR server, I talked in the chat that the server was a bit slow in chat, admin simply banished with the reason "disrespect" Sorry for bad english I'm from Brazil
What the hell are we supposed to do about it? Take it up with the host and their site lol
Admins range from perfect to crap, You just got one on the lower end of the scale.
For the record, the section is for help with map making and addons for Rust. NOT complaints about moderation/that you were banned.
While this is true, you shouldn't be complaining about bans on the forums in the first place.
1: Its thier server what you want us to do about it ? If they banned you talk to the one who banned you they reserve the right to do whatever they wish to you part of joining them. 2: This is "modding" section what you expect goes here?
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