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I had a crazy idea of making rust some kind of war rpg. The basics it´s to make zerg bases, at least 9 of them around the map and every player who enter in the server get assigned equitably to one of them. There will be ranks; general, sergeant, captain, cadet, etc. Each of them would have some benefit among the others, the main one is that only a few can build. The spawn i´ll be in your zerg base, you can pick autoquests in order to progress and every time you finish one of them increase your rank and get access to ammo, guns, tools and privelege to build in your territory. The idea is that the pvp is inevitable, to force everyone to pvp had some thoungs; ° Make extremly poor of one resource every zerg, and put that resourse in another zerg territory. ° Top tier weapons only craftable if your zerg acomplish the daily goal, (kill 500 persons, spend 500k stone, wood, etc.) ° Force two random zergs into battle, free ak47, bolt, c4, rocket in this mode, the first one who kills the general get unlock c4, rocket, etc. ° Battle of 3 vs 3 vs 3 zergs, only bow-pistol-axe, etc. the 9 top killers get promoted to general ° Make monuments a heavy target, full of 110% agresive scientist to extreme, to dumb?
Sounds achievable, and is an interesting idea I'd say.
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