• Is there any console command to check player's combatlog
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Is there any console command to check player's combatlog. I'm the server owner,when someone report hacker how to check their combatlog to know whether they're hacker or not? Thanks :)
shift + tab (view current player) or just go to your steam / library click the VIEW tab the click the PLAYERS tab it will bring up the current list of players on the server your on.. ass well ass most recent
@Chinduwho , asked something other as i understood the question. He wants to check combatlog for others like he can check his combatlog. This can be done when type -> combatlog "playername" but i am not sure if will works properly. Tried before and worked for me but not sure if will print choosen player info or just will print your combatlog. In modded i tihnk there are plugins for sure but if you want to stay vanilla @baizong just try this. I hope it helps.
Hey @baizong , hopefully you've done a little bit of googling but I've written a very extensive article around how to use the combatlog command. As the server admin, you'll be able to view the combat log of any player as mentioned above, but that will be for a limited time as the combat log does not save a full history and can be quickly over written. For further details, you can read up below: https://www.corrosionhour.com/rust-combat-log-command/
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