• Configuring downloaded mods
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Im developing a new server and theres not many straight forward answers on how to settup mods, most mods ive installed work or barely work after install in server, some break like https://oxidemod.org/plugins/nodecay.1160/ ( No Decay mod ) all mods seem to break for me at some point or another. Many mods seem to have little to no config help to them. Do you modify the .cs file for pluggins ever? Or the .json files with the configs only, do you have to restart your server once changes are made, does your server have to be stopped while changes are made. What could I be doing wrong that messes with mods so much?
If you change the .CS file you will wreck the plugin, All plugins have a "FAQ" section or "Documentation" section that you read before you do anything, Most plugins have a support section where you can open a thread (read existing ones first), *90% of plugins have moved from oximod.org to Umod.org , Only problem encountered so far is that Umod does not at present have a tools or Extension section so that you cannot now find support thread for Rust io (in tools) or RustAdmin (in extensions) , seems no one has taken the trouble to remedy that so far, All the plugin devs are responsive (in most cases) although there are a few plugins that have not worked 100% for a while (proximity alert has to be disabled/enabled using chat whenever warning screen wont go away after bot/enemy death) , But that is only one out of 58 so thats pretty good going. Be patient as the devs are doing it for nothing and do a great job without getting any s*** from users. As a general rule once you have uploaded the plugin to your running server you read the .json config file and make changes to it as explained in the plugin "overwiew" page, In some cases you will have to make changes in the .json data file (betterloot for example) as well and on rare occasions you will also have to use the language folder to add text you want to use. Once you have made the changes use a RCON console tool to reload the plugin ie: oxide.reload BetterLoot a confirmation message will appear if you are successful , *please note that the exact spelling is required with the capitol letters and no spaces, remember that you have to use the full stop after oxide AS for your second question With your server off follow these steps. If for instance you have a dashboard section called "command line manager" you can open it and go to "custom command line" which will show what your server setup is, click on edit and a list with check boxes will open , It will show server seed (which you can change to whatever map you have chosen) and there is a box for server description, check the box on the left hand side (in my case) and enter a server description in the space provided in the right hand side, do not make random changes to this command line or your server will not work If your server (like mine) is setup for a 4000 map size do not alter this as you will in some cases slow your server down or have other random problems, (talk to your server host first). Save all your settings and restart computer. I have found that my server host has been very helpful in giving advise on changes i want to make to server setup, I assume you have a server host that gives you full FTP access as some do not (Multiplay servers) , Hope that is helpful
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