• AntiKnox Anti-VPN: Protect your server from griefing, hacking & abusers
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https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/419125/1c14bfd3-7088-4be7-805b-ad96b00c7529/antiknox-fb-cover.png Protect your server with AntiKnox AntiKnox is a reliable provider of accurate IP information, helping you keep things fun by blocking anonymous users joining your server. Installed in minutes, AntiKnox carefully filters out the VPNs and proxies from your real users and gently tells your users that they need to disable their VPN before they can play. Do hackers ruin your fun? Do griefers haunt your players? We play games for fun. Some play games to ruin the fun for others. But what can you do to increase the quality of your players, or better yet, filter out the bad guys from the nice guys? Although this is hard, AntiKnox can help you take a step in the right direction. When you filter out VPNs, you're going to make it hard for hackers to come back with a new IP. You'll also give griefers a hard time, because that ban is going to be a serious ban. Their 5,000 NordVPN subscription suddenly is useless, as only their real home IP address lets them in! Installed in minutes. Protects forever. Install AntiKnox from uMod, create an account on AntiKnox and install your license key (found in the dashboard) with the "antiknox.setkey" command. There are no more steps to security than these. To put them in order: Make sure you have uMod. No uMod yet? See how to install uMod for free here. Download the AntiKnox extension from the uMod page. It's the blue button, top-right. You can seriously not miss it. Put the AntiKnoxAntiVPN.cs file that you downloaded in your plugins folder (oxide/plugins). No plugins folder yet? Start the Rust server first, it'll create it for you if uMod is installed properly. Start the Rust server if you haven't already. Wait for Rust to be ready. While Rust is getting ready, get your AntiKnox key from your dashboard. It's on the right. Type the following command in your Rust server console:
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