• 2x modded servers in community tab?
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Hello, first I'm sorry if I am making another thread. I see modded servers in community tab that are 2x like scrap, gather, stacks and so on. Is this plugin allowed or if it's too much and server could be banned? I was thinking about remaking my server, because now I have clear Vanilla. So is it risky to add this plugin and change it from modded to community? Thank you very much.
Servers that are actually modded and who've hacked their display to appear in the community servers list are likely to have their IP blacklisted from the server browser at any moment. Don't do it. Servers can be unmodded while still running some basic enhanced functionality using rcon bots that listen and react to the console, as these do not actually modify any server files. However there are only so many things rcon can do, and many modifications require altering server files and flagging the server as modded.
Oh, Ok. I won't do that. Thank you for your fast response.
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