• Few questions about Oxide Plugin and Server Administration in general.
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Hey there , I have a few questions about some plugins and server administration maybe someone here can help me clarify them. I am thinking about adding some helpful plugins for my server and I still want it to stay in community. -Advert Messages , Auto Broadcast , Help Text . These 3 I would need in order to broadcast messages and players being able to type /help in order to display discord server , wipe cycle etc. I want the server to stay in the community list . My current autobroadcast messages are managed by RustAdmin.exe (rcon) but it's running on my personal pc and it has to be running 24/7 and that is the reason I would like to use these plugins. 2.The last plugin I would like to use is No Give Notices . Need this in order for admins to add themselves blue hazmat suits etc . - If this might cause the server to be blacklisted from community list I won't use it. 3.This is a question regarding map seeds : I personally chose the mapseed on my server (seed 1523 , 4k Map) . When forced wipe hits , how does this affect seed (eg. a new monument is added will the seed autochange?) and also how do I randomize the seed?. Thank you very much!
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