• Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte to arm public in fight against drugs
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You really are completely out of your depth with this topic, and have no idea what you're arguing for, or against. Do yourself a courtesy and bow out of the argument. Everyone will think you bigger for admitting you've got no fucking clue what you're on about.
Way to ignore how drug users, not dealers, are the ones actually filling jails and wasting the huge bulk of money imprisoning people with a medical problem
This has no relevance at all.
Impressive mental gymnastics, you might just get the gold medal this year.
Dude, you know he has death squads shooting up random druggies, not just the distributors but just random people who happen to use drugs.
"If I refuse to think about other standpoints, I don't have to risk going through the painful process of realizing I'm wrong! It's the perfect plan!" let me know when you decide to be worth my time thx
well it’s against the law isn’t it? people support it and the only backlash he seems to receive is from foreign nations who aren’t affected by it.
what the fuck is wrong with you dude
its amazing how people just can't understand this concept lmao or they'll bitch about the government wasting money... even though you're wasting more imprisoning them
J-Walking is against the law. I saw we arm civilians against this and let people execute criminals on the spot for it. The Philippines is so lax with murder that all you have to do to legally kill someone is shoot them in the head and plant some coke on them.
https://assets.rappler.com/612F469A6EA84F6BAE882D2B94A4B421/img/1F4B2A439D2F467CBD4EC20EA4BA01AF/crime-volume-20170811-04.jpg his first year in office index crimes drop 3.2% non index crimes drop over by about 23% you think duterte is just someone who just somehow managed to end up in power but no he was elected because he promised he was going to be a man of action and look at how well he already is doing
In the Philippines it is. It leads to bad and abhorrent behaviors not to mention the impact it has on the economy when you have a workforce of lazy drug addicts
appeal to emotion statistics say his war on drugs is lowering crime and drug abuse the majority are still happy with what he is doing hmm
Weird how murder is a rising crime, and drugs aren't even listed at all, isn't it it's almost as if people are being more paranoid. Instead of stealing shit, they just kill eachother, wow, great, thanks. Weird how other countries don't have these issues despite legalizing many drugs I'm sure you'll be looking at Canada's economy TANKING when weed really hits it hard, and people are committing crimes left and right. California turned into a battle royale once weed was legal.
Dude, the man has DEATH SQUADS DOING EXTRA-JUDICIAL EXECUTIONS ON A VICTIMLESS CRIME if you cannot see what's wrong with this at all then you should probably be shot if you think life is that worthless and meaningless
People still wanna give their opinions on why what they say will work better, even though what he's doing is clearly showing signs of working as guaranteed. But nah man, the people NOT living in the Phillipines definitely know better as to what will work 100%
Duterte said it himself that the reason behind the rise in homicides is a result of drug dealers killing other drug dealers and the like, which is also inadvertently helping him too this isn’t about just weed this is hard drugs like coke, meth, heroin, etc. you okay with legalizing that stuff too? sure duterte will smoke someone for trying to light up some reefer and that seems insane but you can’t just draw a line there and say “ok I’ll shoot everyone who does drugs except weed.” What do you think would happen?
muh appeal to emotion its totally to fucking shoot random people who do a victimless crime if arbitary numbers say its okay (in the way I interpret them xd)
i should be shot for my opinions I thought I had the first amendment in the land of the free wtf man
How about offer them rehabilitation programs instead of fucking shooting them?
Actually I just realized how insanely retarded your "appeal to emotion line is" How the fuck is it not appealing to emotion to go out of your way to kill people in mass for drugs, what
You also have the 2nd amendment, please use it to take a gun and eat it.
sure but that’s a lot more expensive and burdensome on the tax payers, not to mention will it really truly ever eliminate drugs entirely? im going back to work now boys I’ll try and sneak some more replies in
muh taxpayer money matters more than people's fucking lives right wing logic: money = reals life and happiness of people = feels honestly if you're not a troll please just eat a gun
Hello mr Duterte I am err uhm, one of them drug dealer killers, give me err uh, an ak and one million bullets
What checks and balances are in place to stop me from shooting someone to death because I have a personal issue with them and then dropping a baggie of heroin on their corpse to legitimize my crime? Because I've heard a lot of stories coming out of the Philippines and the idea that completely eliminating due process when it comes to prescribing the death sentence because it lowers crime statistics seems completely moronic. like hey you could drastically eliminate gang crime in London if you just pumped carbon monoxide into a few blocks of flats in Brixton. That would look great when it came to drug crime stats
The cost of imprisoning people costs far more than saving them, this concern of money is a fraud, this is nothing but pure anger towards drugs and nothing more Drug Court Savings to the Taxpayers Minimum savings of $100,800 per 30 days for active clients (84 total). Minimum savings per 60 days:  $201,600 Minimum savings per 90 days:  $302,400 Minimum savings per 120 days:  $403,200 Minimum savings per 180 days: $604,800 http://www.chathamcourts.org/Portals/ChathamCourts/LiveContent/2582/Images/Cost%20Comparison%20180%20Days%20%20Incarceration%20vs.%20180%20Days%20Treatment.jpg
Hey man I'm not a big supporter of Duterte and all that but saying drug abuse is a victim-less crime is a flat out lie. Every drug creates a victim, whether it be the user who suffers its ill side-affects or the users children who have to put up with negligent parents. And don't you think theres some sort of irony for telling a dood to kill himself because he can't see the value in human life? You're all over the place dood
I'm sick of all these battle royale annoucements
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