• Guidelines - Read before posting (Updated June 2018)
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This forum is for General News and shouldn't be used to post things that should go in other forums, I.E news about steam sales, game releases, film news, etc. Please ensure that these are posted in the correct thread. Reporting & Posting Guidelines We expect you to put effort into your posts, ensuring that they contribute positively to the current discussion. If you make a joke, it must be appropriate. Facepunch is accepting of differing opinions. Please don't report people for "flaming / trolling " just because you disagree with them. We will ban people for flippant reports. The overall aim of our moderation policy is to promote discussion in a manner that is balanced and fair to all. If you have issues with how this is conducted, please feel free to contact me via PM. Thread Creation Guidelines You must be able to produce an accessible source that is reliable and no more than 2 weeks old. It must not duplicate an existing thread and must be named appropriately (no editorialisation or tags please!). Do not use tabloid sources. Do not copy and paste the entire article. Post a helpful snippet of the article to provide an overview and link to the rest. Opinion pieces are not news. High Profile Breaking Stories In the event of a high profile breaking story the moderators will nominate a thread and temporarily sticky it, closing the rest. It is expected that the author will keep the OP up to date with the latest events in a prompt and impartial manner. If you don't think you are capable of doing this, please don't create a HPBS thread. You can help update the OP by providing timestamped updates with verifiable sources, for example; 13:05 - Hezzy saw a shitty report and went on a rant: https://facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1550229&p=51760294&viewfull=1#post51760294 NOTICE: ALL POLITICS NEWS GOES HERE NOW Polidicks so anything related to governments or politicians, or anything directly to do with Trump or Brexit, should instead go there from now on. that subforum is NOT for stuff that may end up just causing a debate about politics, like a shooting thread causing a debate on gun control laws and such, or a thread about a homophobic person causing a debate on trump. those can still go in this forum as politics wasn't the original point of the topic.
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