• US boy, 9, killed himself after homophobic bullying, mum says
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It doesn't take much to find yourself with no allies and the target of a bunch of shitheads' constant abuse in school if for whatever reason they decide to target you. Look towards the parents and that will tell you all that you need to know.
Jesus Christ. how does a NINE year come up with suicide as an option? What kind of mental hell was he going through, and how did every adult miss it? Thinking of a kid that young going through with ending their own life is.... horrifying. I don't know ho I would even deal with that. If I could even deal with that. People need to burn for this.
It was only over a span of four days at school. It happens really quick and it isn't always the easiest thing to spot. Teachers can't have ears on everything going on, and sometimes this stuff happens in halls or lunchrooms where they aren't under direct supervision. It's a shame for sure, but he did tell his sister what was happening. How it was handled from there is a guess I won't hazard to make because I just don't know. The coroner also stated that this was a suicide with no firearm, which really just makes the reality of the situation that much more grim. The parents of the children responsible, if they are identified, need to be held responsible for their child's actions. Some serious intervention work needs to happen there.
This is terrible, but I cannot believe a 9 year old some how knew they were a homosexual. The mom probably had something to do with this
I saw this sort of homophobic bullying happen alot going to catholic school in Missouri. The only person i know who came out of the closet was 2 years ahead of me, and then said it was a mistake 2 weeks later. I think he's engaged to a girl now. Funny enough my sophomore religion teacher was the one who tried to get everyone to stop saying faggot by making whoever said it write a 3 page essay on the history of the word. Wasn't very successful though. Its kinda insane how polarized America is on social issues. If you're not in northeast, west coast, or Chicago/Madison/Minneapolis, chances are that the majority of people will feel really uncomfortable with you being lgbt, and a fairly large minority will still hate you for it. Its strange because Denver is considered to be fairly progressive, at least where im from.
It's early, but it's not a mystery. Plenty of boys that age know they like girls, plenty of boys that age know they like boys. Then plenty more will find out in the next couple of years as they mature. To put blame on the mom is just silly in any form.
This is very sad. Only NINE years old and he commit suicide. Something must have been really fucking terrible for him to to something this large.
What kind of dumb logic is this?
What the fuck man Leia Pierce told KDVR-TV that her son, Jamel Myles, revealed to her over the summer that he was gay. She said that when he had told her he was gay, he looked "so scared", but she reassured him she still loved him. What, is she complicit because she loved him like any decent mother should? You'd be surprised to learn that people are keenly aware of their sexuality from a young age, just that they can have trouble either identifying it or accepting it depending on various factors.
Primary school kids are brutal honestly
No he's referring to fact that when I was 9 I didn't know what a homosexual was, let alone did I chase girls. Why expose children to these things before their time?
Not every person is the same.
With the internet, they can expose themselves. Even if you keep a good eye on them, there's no guarantee their friends won't learn about it. The internet is an amazing tool for finding information and children are very information-hungry.
wew, I didn't knew knowing whether you're attracted to someone or not is a rocket science
Some people cross that bridge earlier than others, and understanding your sexual preference, even if you don't actually understand what that means doesn't necessarily coincide with the time you actively start pursuing your sexual preferences.
Since when are you the litmus test for the rest of the world?
Well yeah I can understand that, but we can't tell how he came across that information regardless. In any case, bullying is the cause but suicide is never the answer, nor should it be a knowledgeable option for a child.
I don't think you need extensive knowledge of suicide to understand the link between "kill yourself faggot" and the process of killing yourself. Understanding that you like the same sex and the maybe Googling a question about that feeling is hopefully not that wild of a thought for you to understand. This kid seemed to have a pretty good grasp of his own identity, so I don't think coming across that information would be too difficult. I also really hope your "suicide is never the answer" line isn't an attempt at blaming the victim here. I'm going to assume it's not.
That didn't stop the user you're defending the response of from speculating that it 'must have been the mother'. Suicide may never be the answer - but you can't protect children from knowing that death exists and what causes it without putting them and others at risk. "You shouldn't push your sister in the pool because she doesn't know how to swim" doesn't matter much if the child doesn't know 'people can die if they can't breathe' and so on.
why is teaching a 9 year old what a homosexual wrong to you? i liked girls since i was like 5 or 6, i'm sure that some people realized they liked boys when they were that age. telling your kids about gays is not going to make them gay.
You can't make someone be gay you clowns.
I remember going to primary school with a quite obviously gay classmate before the age of 10, he was very effeminate and got bullied constantly. Gay was a primary insult growing up, you knew what it insinuated even at a young age, I watched the Big Gay Al episode of South Park when it was aired and understood it perfectly fine (actually I was 10 when that aired, but only by a few months). Hell, I watched fucking Eurotrash as a young kid and had a crush on Lolo Ferrari (she died in 2000, never got over it), so I think it's perfectly reasonable for a 9 year old to know if they're homosexual, it's not something that just switches on when you hit puberty.
I vividly remember the first time someone called me a faggot in 2nd grade. Homophobia is deeply embedded into our culture and it starts early. I'm not sure how much has changed since I went to school and the word "gay" was a casual synonym for "bad" or "dumb", but looking at this article it doesn't seem like much has changed at all.
https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/le-miiverse-resource/images/4/46/Picard-facepalm.gif/revision/latest?cb=20151004011013 Great Thread.
the fact people assume their own childhood must be the same experience as others is pretty sad. once you have your own children you'll know how different it is.
Lol. Not everyone is the same. I started to realise that I was gay at 9. I pretended I was straight until I was about 13 because of the rampant homophobia in my community, I was scared to even admit to myself that I liked guys.
you're really good at shitting up every single LGBT-related thread. Keep up the good work
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