• US boy, 9, killed himself after homophobic bullying, mum says
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Youre doing a bad job of that. If my kid said that they liked boys i would tell them that its okay and its normal, i wouldnt try to shelter them, i wouldnt try to tell them otherwise. You say they shouldnt be worried about it but they are going to be worried about it if they are going to be bullied and i would want to support them and prepare them to combat that.
The problem is braindead "socially progressive" parents that force the idea of gender/sexuality onto their kids at such a young age but don't think through the psychological effects (as shown here) or what kind of mindset they're creating.
No the problem is dipshit parents who dont teach their kids that its wrong to bully someone for being gay (or any reason). This is another post impying that teaching your kids about homosexuality will make them gay. If youre gonna say shit like this back it up with some evidence.
im sorry G but after all the posting ive seen from you here and elsewhere you got a huge hill to climb before you'll convince anyone you aren't, doesn't matter how "rational" you present yourself as, you're stuck labelled as one for a long time now and with good reason
can you explain what you're saying rather than venting vague points. how exactly do you "force sexuality" or "force gender" onto kids? and what is the correct way you're supposed to "create a mindset" for a child?
You know kids are exposed to a lot on social media these days, way more than I was exposed to when I was growing up and I'm in my mid-20's. It truly is a very different time, not saying that's a bad thing, but there are adjustments people have to make in raising kids. Having parents talk to kids about these things at an earlier age is the correct thing to do, it would reduce bullying and increase acceptance of others.
If this was true then why are there so many cases of kids of parents with dipshit ideals like yours turning out to be gay? Why do gay people even exist in places like the Middle East where being gay is exceptionally dangerous?
As I said before, kids are presented with heterosexual relationships from pretty much day 1. Almost all fairy tales have a prince charming for the princess. If you think that story is fine but one with a gay couple isn't, then you're homophobic. You're also contributing to the sort of culture and atmosphere which makes it difficult to even come out to yourself, gives kids the impression that it's wrong and makes them think that bullying the gay kid is alright.
In contrast: Why should he have to hide it? Yes? Many girls do too. How's that relevant in any way? Not being a despicable hypocrite is just asking way too much of people, don't you know? You should be placing the blame on whatever dribbling retards popularized garbage like zero-tolerance policies in the US then. Because it's exactly those sorts of attitudes which end up leading to situations like this. Even if the zero-tolerance policy itself isn't directly involved, American schools are simply unwilling to actually address bullying. You're wrong. It's not at all unusual for someone to have an idea of their leaning at that age. It may not equate to full blown sexual attraction since they haven't hit puberty but for many people the attraction still does exist by that age.
Hate to tell you but, I knew something was up with me when I was a kid. Everyone talked about girls who hot actresses/characters that I really didn't feel attracted to. This went on for years in school because being gay/bi was disgusting and a target of constant ridicule. It was only after school that I realized it was okay and I had been suppressing it for years in fear. No kid should have to go through that, and seeing people like you that justify bullying because its the victim's fault for being weird is absolutely revolting.
Maybe just maybe we should be teaching kids on how to be resilient before expecting them to survive an onslaught of 9 year olds that just found out that they're gay
Going to buckle down on "its the victim's fault they are bullied" are ya. With all do respect, fuck off to the end of the world and never have children.
you're the one expecting 9 year olds to think before they speak
I expect the school to have zero tolerance to bullying, and the parents to tell their children to not be terrible people. But I guess thats way beyond your realm of possibility since you're the product of said shit upbringing and are defending that mentality as we speak.
Or they're expecting parents to not be garbage parents and actually teach their children not to be as big of assholes as their parents are.
maybe just maybe you haven't got kids and have no clue what resilience looks like to a 9 year old. this also doesn't solve the issue of bullying. the school is meant to be a safe place not a torture chamber like a prison.
How can you not see the homophobic nature of statements like this? are you saying the kid wouldn't have been picked on if he had been taught to act ~less gay~. How is teaching kids to hide or suppress their sexuality, from the very moment it starts to form, at all healthy? I fucking hate this dumb memeshit about progressive parents apparently ~~encouraging their children to be LGBT~~ it's such a dumb fucking stance that stems entirely from ignorance and alarmist bullshit. As a kid I asked my mum if I could get my ear pierced. In response- my step farther drove me out to the middle of nowhere, got me out of the car in the pouring rain, in order to show me the spot where he'd bury me "if I ever brought a boy home". He then proceeded to explain to me, an 11 year old boy, just how he would murder me and "whatever filthy poofter" I brought into his house. I spent the first few years of my adolescence terrified of any thoughts I had that remotely suggested I might be attracted to men. Which was horrifying considering I'm bisexual so naturally I had thoughts like that all the time. I grew to loathe and fear my own sexuality. And by extension, I grew to hate myself. The worst part was, suppressing my sexuality didn't even help. Someone started a rumour I was gay in middle school and I was getting jumped by the same gangs of homophobic pricks right up until I left High school for further education. But please, tell me more about how this kid must have had a "distraught" upbringing that contributed to his suicide because his parents accepted him. you daft fucking spanner.
Really? Again with this garbage takeaway? A kid was bullied to the point where he was capable of thinking his life was worthless and not worth living to the point of committing suicide and all you care about is the possibility that the mother supported his choice to be gay? I seriously don't get why you give a shit about the dead kid's parent's viewpoints rather than the deadbeats who couldn't discipline their kid enough to not bully those who are different.
Let me ask you something. A simple yes or no for an answer will do. Do you genuinely believe it's better to have a world in which kids as young as nine face ridicule and the possibility of death for being who they are, than to have a world in which bullies are weeded out and people are accepted for who they are by default? Do you truly see acceptance and social progress as a problem?
The problem is that to these kind of people, this is how the world just works. Bullies are a part of the world, and having to "man up" and deal with the abuse is all part of the process of growing up. These are the people who probably are the bullies, whether they know it or not. You can't change their world.
A bit off topic, but your stepdad sounds like a sick fuck who has absoultely no business being a parent. I'm sorry you had to put up with him along with other homophobes in your life and the constant fear of your own sexuality.
I really hate it when The Straights parade around their sexuality for our children to see, do we even know what effects that's having on their developing minds? I'm not heterophobic but when they're so flamboyant it really makes them all look bad, I don't want my children to be influenced.
To put it very simply, you don't know the half of it. He divorced my mum only a few years later, and while the fear persisted anyway into my adolescence- i'm long since past all of that now. I'm totally comfortable with who I am, but it just steams my beans when I see people low-key endorsing the environment I had to endure growing up because we wouldn't want to give kids this fabricated ~sjw~ treatment where they are told they have to be gay or whatever the fuck the narrative is.
for real though, why do straight people go to olive garden
why the fuck does a 9 year old "know" how to be homophobic and bully a kid about being gay, by the way. maybe we should be teaching kids not to be homophobic.
https://twitter.com/ivancoyote/status/1034550548328923138 This is a pretty good point to consider right here
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