• Two-week-old baby in hospital after alleged rape
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https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-northern-ireland-45757510 I don't even have words for this.
what the fuck
kcuf hte tahw
the fuck what?
The fuck, What?
Even considering how twisted someone would have to be to do this, I'm really having trouble trying to figure out what motivation there could be for doing it, or what they get out of it. It's unreal how strange and twisted some people end up.
I imagine it's an extreme case of paedophilia combined with sociopathy, as I struggle to believe most people on the former persuasion would even try something like this.
hang the cunt
To be honest, prisoners tend to be pretty violent to paedophiles, so I imagine prison will be far worse for him than execution. Execution is getting off easy.
wayment how
To what degree must you be disconnected from reality to do such a thing?
Hey @Mitchell , why'd you rate this funny, you crazy Polish bastard?
What would the physical damages be in such extreme cases? I'm guessing internal bleeding?
It's always to get a rise out of people.
Okay seriously why the fuck is this a somewhat common thing, this isn't the first time this year
Don't even want to think about it.
Two words: Anime Avatar
I should explain that I'm pretty sure he was messing around and that I'm not genuinely annoyed about it.
I hope the baby is okay-- Babies develop so fast, I feel like this might have a dramatic effect on their life.
Can we make an exception and hang this one?
Yeah, the "newborn raped" headline has sadly happened so often at this point that I'm not even surprised anymore. All the horrified reactions in the thread and all I'm thinking is, "What, again?" Dismal state of affairs all around.
bring back the death penalty for crimes like this
Why do people even do this?
If the death penalty is wrong, then it's wrong. It doesn't suddenly become right at a certain point
I understand the emotional catharsis behind desires like this, but I honestly think a life prison sentence is more punishing - it also tends to be, surprisingly, cheaper. I'm personally of the mindset that if the justice system cannot be rehabilitative, it should still be relatively humane, as it sets some sort of example for society at large.
I'd argue it isn't wrong. Why should society pay to house and feed a mass-murderer or a child rapist? Why does this person deserve to continue existing once they have undeniably shown through their actions that they don't posses a shred of humanity? I'm all for rehabilitating criminals, all the way up to murderers of passion, but you hit a certain point, such as this, where you have to admit that simply a life imprisonment without chance of parole is not enough. Eventually the prison becomes their entire world, they're institutionalised, and people argue that this is a good thing. This is not a good thing, because it simply means that they've become so used to the prison that they've almost gotten comfortable. I'd argue the above is especially true of European prisons- it is well documented how lax the British prisons are when it comes to punishment; drug use common, unrestricted internet access, television access and even consoles provided. Over in Norway Anders Breivik has a room nicer than honest citizens in Hong Kong and the latest videogame console. Does he deserve such pleasant treatment after the horror he inflicted? I understand that we can judge our society by how we treat criminals and I think most of the time, 99% of the time, we get it right. But there are times like this when we must question do we sometimes need to be a bit more draconian? I personally think so, but can wholly understand why others might think otherwise.
Because it costs more to have somebody on deathrow by FAR and 4% of those executed are innocents. End. Of. Story.
Because human rights don't get to be thrown away due to disgust. Saying he has no shred of humanity may FEEL good, but unfortunately isn't true. He IS human and should be treated as such.
Or Northern Ireland. Nice try kraut.
Yeesh, the person that did this has to be so mentally defective that I doubt we can call the cognisant force that drives their actions "human" anymore, like to the point were there wasn't any actual malice behind their actions, just some inhuman thought processes that mean their actions are not dictated by any form of rationality or logic. Basically a sicko the to point they might as well be an nth dimensional fucking alien.
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