• Skybound Games has reached a deal with Telltale to finish TWD: Final Season
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Thank fuck, I want to know how this bullshit ends. willing to bet it'll be shitty but whatever
God, Telltale HAS to go bankrupt just as they were teasing Sam and Max again. Bugger.
Kind of funny connection that I think is worth pointing out: Skybound Games is a subsidiary of Skybound Entertainment, a company founded by Robert Kirkman aka the co-creator of The Walking Dead comic book series.
Skybound's been involved in the Telltale TWD games since the first season.
Honestly TWD was good and all, but I wish they would do The Wolf Among Us Season 2 instead. That's the real tragedy of Telltale closing.
Wonder if they'll go try and hire some of the original staff or not.
Wolf for sure, but TftB sucks even more imo. It was the only thing that presented the (actually pretty interesting) Borderlands universe in a way that doesn't make you groan all the way through (except for the first game I guess), and it kinda hurts to see that go away.
I hope so, especially as they had episode three nearly done andfour's script fleshed out. Even if it takes a little longer to polish, I hope they don't rush it.
Wait what they were? Where and when?
sadly it was just a joke about the previous joke of Lee getting bitten by a doggo https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/106986/a05528d9-1831-4745-97e9-dbabea6d36eb/image.png
I wonder how much of TWAU2 was done? Wonder if the IP was deemed profitable enough to revive.
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