• Hurricane Michael takes aim at Florida
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And forget flooding areas too.
Forecasters are expecting it to reach Category 4 before making landfall. https://twitter.com/philklotzbach/status/1049857806583517184
Rip in piss panama city.
At this rate Florida's gonna start building straight up bunkers in lieu of normal houses to live in, hope this one won't do serious damage.
NWS calling it an "unprecedented event" this has never happened before. https://twitter.com/NWSTallahassee/status/1049897541339369472
Be safe Floridians and some Georgians.
They laid the cranes down last night on the job site. Looks like they may just close it tomorrow.
Seems to be holding around 145 mph 933mb. https://twitter.com/pppapin/status/1050009746613264384?s=19 https://twitter.com/NASA_SPoRT/status/1050001507125465088?s=19 The Weather Channel even left ground zero https://twitter.com/WxBrianD/status/1050005712762490883?s=19
Not to distract from this storm, but wtf is going on with Leslie? It seems like it's just been hanging around out there for over a month or so.
It got lost on it's way to the east coast and is too proud to ask for directions.
I'm near Destin, on the water. It's great being on the left side of the eye. Can't even tell a hurricane is hitting. There's worse storms that last 5 minutes that pop up
From what I've heard if this slows down at all, it will be making landfall as a Category 5. Goodbye Panama City.
The pressure is dropping steadily. It's now down to 928. The previous recording last hour was 931. Category 5 is 920.
I imagine those records will continually be broken as the world warms up...
Flirting with Cat 5 now https://twitter.com/Cyclonebiskit/status/1050061589792010240?s=19
how much longer until it hits?
Christ, this is going to be devastating. I really hope my northern Florida brethren stay safe, if not, completely evacuate.
A few minutes. https://twitter.com/ericfisher/status/1050064628259188737?s=19
Been seeing bs about how this will affect the midterms, can people quit the politics for one second (tho it was on a political subreddit) The last strong hurricane I've witnessed was Ivan I think a decade ago.
It's at 919mb now on weather channel.
I just got back from the beach, I'm about an hour from the eye. Glad it turned east. Everyone's treating it one of two ways here: Either they got the fuck outta dodge, or they're out in it enjoying it https://i.imgur.com/UBSNsZU.jpg I was only out for a few minutes but I got soaked through my jacket, both shirts, pants and boxers. Couldn't get a video since my screen was coated in water and it wouldn't really work because of it, but it did manage to open shitty snapchat so I grabbed a quick one https://i.imgur.com/FyQOc2M.mp4
Bless Jim Cantore, guys got balls of titanium
Had no idea Michael was fixing to be this bad of a storm until today. Y'all stay safe out there.
Here in GA. I hope i don’t have to come into work for a few days. Gotta hunker down. Cuddle my doggie.
Growing up, my family's rule of thumb has always been: If the weather channel ships Jim Cantore anywhere near us, we leave the state.
NOAA is showing it's up to 155mph wind speeds.
Got reports of some tornadoes touching down in Crawford County.
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