• Soyuz malfunctions on launch
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I hope they're okay, but everybody should bear in mind that what they're attempting right now is highly dangerous.
NASA tv is saying they have landed and are in "good condition"
I wonder how far down range thhey landed. Being more than an hour out suggests pretty far.
I guess they are going to mothball the ISS and boost it into higher orbit now. I don't see how we can return to human spaceflight in less than 4-8 months, if not even more than that... And the US manned spaceflight stuff is at least 12 months away too.
I'm doubtful this will stop Soyuz launches.
It will for the short term, not truly indefinitely, there is 0% chance however that the next rocket to launch crew will not undergo shuttle levels of scrutiny before launch. Unless Soyuz can be re-proven and the next flight moved left to around November. ISS will have to be uncrewed from January (absolutely pushing the limit on Soyuz's on-orbit lifetime) until the next crewed flight. The only other crew capability (Commercial Crew) will take more time to become operational than it will to requalify Soyuz for flights.
Yeah this just reinforces the need to get away from Roscosmos, they've had a lot of technical trouble with their rockets as of late and its mostly managed to avoid Soyuz until now. This is the 13th failure they've had since 2010
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