• AT&T announces streaming service for Warner Bros. Media
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https://variety.com/2018/biz/news/warnermedia-direct-to-consumer-streaming-service-john-stankey-1202975598/ God, just please end this already.
Great we don't have enough already. Netflix, Hulu, Crackle, Prime Video, HBO Now, St Anytime, STARZ, PS Vue, VUDU, Sling, YouTube TV. And now Disney & AT&T Oh also love region locking.
Watch them kill HBOGO/Now and forced you to have an addon subscription to there new service to get the content
That's not really a fair list when some of those are just TV services and movie rental. Options are fine
Please elaborate your definition of a streaming service.
Netflix is not the same as sling TV, Vue, or YouTube TV, direct TV . They are live TV streaming, they mostly offer the same chennels, so no big deal. Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, crackle, Disney, HBO go and I guess this, are movie and tv show services, instead of once place for content they're spread everywhere. Not that hard to understand
i dont get it, I thought we hated being forced to buy tv channels we didn't want?
are you blind? basically the same thing is happening, except worse once every company has their own streaming service they're going to pull it from any other service that also hosts their content in the long run it will basically be the same as TV except you can pay 15.99 a month a grand total of 70 times just to get all the content that today you could get on one or two services.
Thats the thing with streaming services, or pretty much any service. You can only have so many before people simply don't spend more money monthly. Best thing is this even causes "competition" between completely different services. Personally I don't really care, as for somebody outside the US its just such a pain to get new shows. Netflix here isn't even that great and HBO is a good example of things that don't even air here. Some shows and whatnot are even licensed by cable TV. Game of Thrones for example is only on Pay-TV "Sky" here, expensive crap. With big shows coming out up to months late, so the third option is still more comfortable then any of the streaming services. Granted most streaming services are alright but if more companies try their own stuff and splitter the available content, they only loose in the end as more people go back to piracy.
All these services are just going to make piracy the more attractive option again since you won't need to log into 7 different apps to find what random thing you want to watch is on which service and also don't have to pay 7 different services for what amounts to a cable bill again. You'll just pull up whatever flavor of the month piracy streaming service is, search for content and be good to go, or just download a torrent of a whole series and binge it. Since I'd rather not pirate I'm just watching less and less shows and simply playing video games instead. Can't wait until streaming games becomes the norm and then I'd have to pay for 7 different game streaming services just to play my favorite series and piracy won't even be an option there if there's no local copy to own.
I disagree. Many of these live "tv" services have DVR functionality.
Consideirng what it costs that's not really a negative.
Yeah cant wait it to be US only and for EU - Here is few movies that nobody ever heard of.
And it's gonna cause piracy to skyrocket again and the corporations will blame everyone but themselves.
Remember when cable was superior to standard broadcast TV through lack of ads and more channels, then catch-up happened? TV syndrome of 100s of shows/channels that you don’t wanna watch and HEAD ON APPLY DIRECTLY TO THE FOREHEAF-tier ads are never going to go away. The streaming boom is the latest adaptation; you’re going to have to get packages of services at a subscription price, and the ads will return to commercial break levels even when you’re season binging. The all-in-one Gold Age of Netflix is over.
The problem with more streaming services is that it isn't really more competition; it's just splitting up existing services into an increased number of monopolies. Looking forward to Cable 2.0
When are we going to get a streaming service that lets us get movies/shows from all streaming services
an actual one like that, never.but the pirates did this years ago already
This is a big reason why there are so many people that pirate movies and TV shows now. Piracy went down quite a bit when services like Netflix and Spotify became a thing, but now that everyone sees the success of Netflix and Hulu they want to make more money than they were getting by just licensing their stuff to them. This is just like cable but worse. The only reason streaming services got as popular as they are is because they had everything in one place, one subscription fee. Now that it's going away, more people are going to just say fuck it and pirate things again, and it's even easier and safer now than it was before since you can get a VPN setup within minutes for around the price of Netflix, except you get "access" to more things.
Seriously. This shit is so dumb even my conservative christian parents use putlocker. In fact most of the christians I know, especially the younger ones, regularly pirate movies and TV. Just because something is illegal doesn't make it morally wrong - especially since our modern day copyright law was essentially written by one of the biggest entertainment companies in the world solely for their personal benefit.
Reminds me of this article I saw on reddit a few days ago. The Rise of Netflix Competitors Has Pushed Consumers Back Toward.. >A new study shows that after years of declines, BitTorrent usage and piracy is on the rise again. The culprit: an increase in exclusivity deals that force subscribers to hunt and peck among a myriad of streaming services to actually find the content they’re looking for.
People are just going to go back to pirating shit if everything gets locked down to different services.
I figured this day would eventually come. Instead of buying cable packages, we'll now buy streaming services.
It's a shame really. I knew this would happen when I first discovered Netflix's streaming service. At first I was like "wow, this is a great idea, if only everything was on here!", and after realising that there were a few other services at the time with different content on them, it dawned on me that things would only get worse. And look where we are now. It's a real shame because these big companies could have reduced piracy massively by having one convenient service that has practically everything on it, and yet they've gone and fucked it up. This is only going to push people to pirate things. They don't like being messed around.
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