• Moscow rages as Ukrainian Church's independence recognised
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https://t.co/c9UUi6oqgu as a tl;dr this means that the Ukrainian Orthodox Church is no longer a vassal to the Church in Moscow and is instead operating under its own jurisdiction https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/1750/85c78278-5593-4f42-ad6d-9a1f9b7dc435/image.png
Here we go, There no returning back in next weeks of new Schism within Eastern Orthodoxy.
I believe a response of "SUCK IT" is appropriate here...
I do wonder what "catastrophic" consequences will this have exactly
Ukrainian church discovered to have russian minorities in building foundation, russia to invade next week
Rasputin will rise up from the dead once more.
Things like these have to be approved by everyone, as there's no supreme leader in orthodoxy like the pope is for catholics, so this dude (probably under Turkish-NATO cajoling) basically threw up the whole order into the air, and for shit like this we unironically told the pope to fuck off the last time it occurred
Seeing Russians and their shills losing their shit all over the internet these last few weeks has been very enjoyable.
You lost me. Pope tried to secede from catholicism?
Pretty sure he's talking about the major schism between east and west in 1054. The Pope and the Patriarch of Constantinople excommunicated each other.
TL:DR - ecumenical patriarch just pretended every single recognized church supports this, as these things require a vote by rule
Watching Russians and their shills be upset is my favorite hobby, so this is great news.
Maybe yea but because Putin have but influenced the Nation’s de facto State Religion. They willing risking creating two types of Cultural Eastern Orthodox Christian (Pro-Russian (Pro-Slavic) and Pro-Greek) in near future. I heard of Bulgarian Patriarchate has support Ecumenical Patriarch declaring canonization of UOC - KP.
https://www.theguardian.com/world/2018/oct/15/russian-orthodox-church-cuts-ties-with-constantinople They did it. They split apart the main Byzantine-rite Catholic Orthodox Church over near 1,000 years of having Communion with them.
Fucking retarded thing to do over contemporary politics.
It's unbelievable, how such historic communion between Moscow Orthodox and Constantinople Orthodox ends due to such a non-issue, mostly. Makes me think Russian foreign politics become less and less rational.
how exactly is it non issue? Ukraine got like three separate churches and only one of them os recognised at all, not to mention that guy in charge of now independant Kievan orthdoxy openly calls for taking back of other churches in Ukraine, supports nationalists on their marches? he's no good to be left in charge of a big chunk of orthodoxy. Russian church is not the brightest example either ofcourse. The hysterical "breaking of ties" with Constantinopole is laughable since they legit asked people to not pray in other churches because now its A FRIGGIN SIN!
So you believe that not every orthodox church supports this? Who but the Russians has been outspoken against Ukrainian autocephaly? Even the Serbians have been surprisingly silent about this. Why would you be against the Ukrainian church's independence if you're not a Russian shill in the first place? There are no arguments against it that make sense
I don't know who you interact with but you don't have to be a Russian shill. You can't be one if you want to be consistent in pointing out the baggage associated with post-Maidan Ukraine, since they're also arguments against things Russia does. There's arguments against Ukraine's current iteration of 'independence' because it neither achieves independence nor does it even attempt to solve its internal problems. It just represses them. The solution to Ukraine's problems isn't simply more nationalism. That's a part of it, but it has to be of the right kind. The way it's progressing right now is degenerative. It's about greed and domination of one side rather than respecting self-determination. Unfortunately, sharp left-right conflict in the West and an angry Russia means we are stuck with barbarism typical for this part of europe.
The fuck does any of this have to do with the church?
It's part of a re-election bid that gives the unpopular government legitimacy, and Ukraine's nationalists have long used regional church divisions to ground the identity. Although, in the past it was usually just the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church because most nationalists are from Galicia. There's a whiff of irony in doing so since they're viciously opposed to Rusyns/Ruthenians in Galicia doing exactly the same thing.
Western Ukrainian nationalists aren't even orthodox, and neither are most Rusyns. You have no idea what you're talking about. Stop
And as long Reactionary Presidents like Putin continuing politically toxic influenced their de facto state church, Their autonomous churches members outside of Russia will eventually started make them detractors from their autonomous churches and could creating more noncanonical Churches as such like Ukrainians did.
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