• Head of Military school fired for using Marijuana extract (CBD) treat his cancer
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It doesn't even have the chemical that makes you high you STUPID CUNTS
This might get to a point that even mentioning the name of the plant nets you trouble
People smoking weed is just offensive and immoral to many powerful people and they try to stop it, just like gay and transgender people, atheists, people who have sex before marriage etc. Doubt they care that CBD oil is not psychoactive, it's made from weed.
Weed makes me feel like I've taken an extra ibuprofen.
Utterly ridiculous. I don't understand why anyone would think this plant is bad anymore. Wow.
Weed damages lives, that's why we lock your up and ruin your life.
But Liberal Green Plant Baaad 😤 
Ah geez, god forbid he not want to die in order to keep his job.
Except no weed smoker should ever own firearms, right?
I truly hope legalization on a national level is coming soon; it's about damn time, given the relatively safe nature of the drug even in its recreational form, letalone the medical variety.
No he has to pump his body full of radiation and chemicals like the rest of us god fearing Americans. /s
cbd is already totally legal they sell gummy bears of it at my local college market
wait wait wait, then why was he even dismissed?
As part of his daily treatment, Cobbs would bring a vape pen with CBD to work. He even openly discussed the cannabis extract and his success with the alternative treatment plan while encouraging a coworker who had also been diagnosed with prostate cancer. Firing him just for using the stuff is a bit much, but honestly I can't disagree with punishing someone for trying to sell quack remedies to the terminally ill.
But then the DEA would be out of the job since they wouldn’t receive all those delicious tax dollars to fuck people over arbitrary restrictions!
Afaik CBD is legal when extracted from industrial hemp which has to have less than .3% THC. This doesn't give it any protections in the workplace though, and you can still be fired if it shows up on a test.
The store I work at sells bottled water with CBD in it and it says on it that it's extracted from the bark of evergreen trees, if so CBD doesn't even mean weed-based...
Except there's evidence that cannabinoids can actually help with cancer? I wouldn't take it as the only single thing you take unless everything else has failed and you can't have any more chemo, and it's hardly a miracle cure, but to call it a quack remedy is to be ignorant of reality.
Wait until he hears about how meth has potential to treat PTSD. There are all sorts of potential avenues we aren't exploring solely because of our stupid-ass drug laws.
Don't dismiss it as a quack remedy until scientific trials have confirmed it one way or another.
My father was a cop for 25 years and never once wrote a citation or arrested someone for weed during a traffic stop. He made them dump it out and always said that pissed them off more than taking them to jail anyway. It's a waste of time, paperwork, ruins someone's record and potentially life, over a dumb plant. He knew how fucking ridiculous it was
They better go and get rid of all hemp-based products too then.
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