• Student kills 17 and injures 40 at Crimean vocational school
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Little bastard had a nickname of "Vlad Reich" on social network. Guess we got our own columbine.
https://storage1a.censor.net/images/6/1/0/e/610e0b9dc8af6668807aad8a05768dea/original.jpg Post from his VK
So, Russian nationalist who decided to kill is schoolmates? Maybe his schoolmates saw through Russia's bullshit and he felt the need to "defend" Russia?
Is that a confederate flag?
His school was more than likely Russian since afaik Kerch is majority Russian unless you mean something else
Jesus christ what an absolute edgelord.
So is this like a far-right symbol?
Yes Also recap with tons of info and video from EnglishRussia: http://englishrussia.com/2018/10/17/just-now-breaking-a-terror-act-in-crimea-today-photos-videos/
Reddit "experts" already claimed this as a false-flag operation to take over Ukraine. I don't even know.
I'm going to stop you right there. Remember when Reddit falsely identified the perpetrator of the Boston Bombings?
https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/1750/3ae2277d-344f-4903-a78e-f09d1bc17ec7/image.png https://twitter.com/EnglishRussia1/status/1052552723567140864?s=19
We did it Reedit.
Shit, I know, but it always hurts a bit to see how they think that absolutely every accident in Russia is some evil plot by Putin, and kind comments about condolences are buried under accusations of being a kremlin bot.
I say that at the end of every CS:GO match
The fact that this attack was carried out by someone who idolized the Russian occupation of Ukraine doesn't help.
Ban Russia.
Plebbit? Please, 4chinz is for true patricians
Columbine idolization and Novorossiya fandom.. what the actual fuck If he would've shot up a school in Ukraine that would've at least made sense in a morbid way Since he jacked off to Novorossiya propaganda I'm sure he hated Ukrainians, but since Crimea was/is with a high ethnic Russian population it makes it harder to figure out the reason why he did it.
If he idolized the Columbine shooters then he's probably an attention-seeking copycat.
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