• Video game critic seeks crowdfunding to make a book about video game butts
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https://www.ign.com/articles/2018/10/18/an-upcoming-book-is-all-about-video-game-butts I am conflicted about making this thread, don't want to seem like it's an advertisement.
This is something you bring up as a joke after a few beers. Not a product people actually pay for.
Luigi, when compared to Mario, has an arse defined by its dexterity. Living consistently in the shadow of his more famous brother, rarely given his own games, Luigi is a character who has to work orders of magnitude harder than his brother to be noticed, and his butt is the focal point that proves this point. Where Mario can get away with a bland boring bum that is simply flabby enough for ground pounds, Luigi has clearly trained long and hard to make sure his butt is chock full of functional possibilities, making him more vial be in a fight than his brother. If we look at the later entries in the super Smash Bros. Series, from Melee onwards, you can see that Luigi has numerous attacks that make use of his wildly dexterous butt. Perhaps most notably, he has one attack where he launches himself at enemies, butt first. The sheer momentum caused by throwing his butt sideways is enough to carry his whole body off the ground, causing it to collide with enemies and cause them decent amounts of damage. Where Mario can get away with resting on his laurels, Luigi's butt is a perfect example of a butt that has been honed to outshine that of the older and more famous brother. He might have to work a lot harder to get noticed, but he's not afraid to put in the leg work to make his butt work. Someone wrote this.
Not just anyone! Kotaku’s Laura Kate Dale
Way to embarrass yourself and ruin your career as an author.
haha what a wacky concept! lol so quirky, gonna send her some money teehee xD
Video games were a mistake. And so was journalism apparently. And books.
Solid Snake has the phattest ass, and that's all you need to know about butts in video games.
this sounds like something you want to achieve to impress people
https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/189448/7d9ca484-0229-405f-837f-0800a90fd0c7/image.jpeg The only videogame butt worth writing about
Laura Kate is actually nice though, she was on the Cooptional podcast a few times. Dunno whats wrong with this, people who find it interesting can contribute, others dont have to.
that fuckin crotch though
Yeah exactly. It's a running joke, maybe more of an in-joke for people who follow her work or people that listen to podquisition and whatnot, but this is mainly for those people anyways. If the title "Things I Learned from Mario's Butt" didn't already give it away, the rest of the description on the unbound page does. It's a giant satire on video game characters.
I don't get the hate? this just seems like a funny and cute idea imo, especially if you know the people involved and follow their work. I love dumb little joke books like this. In fact, I'm actually probably going to ask for this book as a Christmas present. Last year I got "Terrible Video Games You Have Probably Never Heard About" by Stuart Ashens as a gift from the same person, and this seems like a similar idea. In fact, think Ashens is one of the video game internet personalities interviewed about their favourite video game butts for the book, along with others like Jim Sterling and Dan Bull.
This is something you'd make a humorous video series about, not so much a book you expect people to buy. Are those excerpts from the book? Seems extremely dry.
Among other things, Minecraft is really fascinating in how it gives us a glimpse of what a world completely free of copyright would look like. In the early days pre Microsft Buyout (and possibly still true to some extent - I really don't know), Notch essentially gave a greenlight to any third party product people wanted to make with the Minecraft license, as long as it wasn't directly competing with the game. So there's 14 bazillion minecraft books that are essentially for-profit fanfiction. Now, just imagine this applied to every single IP in existence, and reel back in horror.
I seen dumber books being sold
Dumb ideas and jokes get made into books all the time and at times have been quite profitable. Chuck Tingle comes to mind. Also nearly everything here https://www.smashwords.com/
If the whole book isn't just pictures if Old Snake, then they're doing it wrong.
Here's a life hack for ya. Instead of spending money on a book, just Google search your favorite video game character and put the word "butt" after their name. Works like a charm.
I wish I could get paid to write shit articles and make up leaks with a ~5% vague accuracy on twitter
Of course, who else but Kotaku?
That ain't camel toe that's elephant toe
Hey, man. 2B is a very close second.
How has the thread even gotten this far without mentioning Postal’s ass?
Whoa hey, we're talking about videogame butts, not world heritage sites.
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