• CD Projekt Red employee doxxed after GOG.com tweet used a trans movement hashtag
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Twitter is geocities with less graphics and more idiocy, and will go the same way as geocities did, because they aren't making the slightest effort to move anything forward.
I never implied the company was being intentionally malicious, at the absolute worst it's just the guys running their social media accounts being assholes, but even then I think it's just someone being clueless. Either way I can understand why people would be annoyed. Trans people in America have every reason to feel scared and threatened right now, this stuff probably doesn't seem so petty for the people facing down discrimination right now, and I can't blame them for telling a company trying to make flippant use of their rallying slogans, intentionally or otherwise, to fuck off.
It being on twitter or facebook or any kind of public declaration doesn't matter. It's this corporation's way of communication and represents them. Corporations memeing on twitter to be trendy with the kids is cringy enough, jokes at the expense of minorities, multiple times in a row, in this political context, is unnacceptable for an official communication platform. It's super dumb to say "lol it's just a tweet", it's the mouth of this company and brand, social media accounts with hundreds of thousand of followers. Again I think the devs aren't responsible for this and boycotting their games helps no one, as long as the games aren't guilty of this. But it being "just a tweet" is irrelevant. They need better social media policies.
This. As someone from Poland I didn't even knew "Did you just assume their gender etc." (the joke CD Projekt posted on twitter) is related to trans or meant to be something to belittle/joke of their problems. I thought and probably most of poles still thinks that its just a triggered feminist joke. LGBT is almost non-existant in Poland. Mostly very heavy disrespect because of polish culture and strong catholic influence. Homosexual/Bisexual stuff is already quite uncommon, Transgender literally nearly unheard of. CD Projekt made a joke that they didn't realize was suppose to harm/insult Transgenders. They realized they fucked up and apologized. I don't see a big issue with how they handled situation. And considering how most of poles thinks of LGBT, they did more than enough, it'd be more likely for Polish company to not apologize at all in such situation or straight out reply 'why you so offended lmao/its just a joke get over it'. And I don't see people harassing Skyrim/Fallout or any other game devs for having only Male/Female character choices. So its kinda weird situation imo.
Then you'd be the president
Your arrival at completely the wrong castle is dutifully noted and consequently ignored, SIr Knight. Maybe like the last time this came you need to stop skimming with your phone and actually read cause the context of my statements is really fucking clear, and has much much broader implications than someone being misprepresented but an utterly shit platform for representation, and nowhere did I say nor imply "it's just a tweet" ever in this conversation or really conversation inevitably involving theoretical argumentation by proxy about butthurt-by-proxy. Your castle is that way -->, cause this castle is quite uninhabited, and it'll be the next time this comes up too.
Forsooth, Sir Internet Warrior, I have consulted with the magical tower wizard. His wise and powerful divination resulted in this message: "what the fuck is this cringy shit" Implication of "Imagine giving a shit about twitter at all.": "What is said on twitter does not matter." Implication of "It's just a tweet": "What is said on twitter does not matter." I'm not really seeing what we're missing. You did respond to someone else by saying that twitter is stupid and going to eventually fall out of vogue. Even if that is true, that doesn't refute their points.
Both of them are transgender? I hadn't heard that before.
There's a bit of a problem with putting those two statements back to back.
Yeah that's my point. World is one big pussy/snowflake "hurr durr muh feelings got hurt, I will sue u"
Who are we talking about here specifically?
The outrage is worth the slight. Its a more effective marketing tool than to put out inoffensive tweets.
"No publicity is bad publicity as long as you can take advantage of it" is the full quote you're looking for. They are not taking advantage of it, it's damaging the brand overall.
Also, it was confirmed there was a doxxing to begin with? No information can't be trusted when coming from the side that man comes
I see you’re doing your typical shtick of over reacting and claiming everyone else is a piece off shot for not over reacting. You our people should travel, you might get out of you’re ideological bubbles if you went to a different country. they fucked up but It was unlikely to Ben intentional
Considering that Ian's proof is some screenshots of ResetEra and the information seems to be on the guy's LinkedIn account, I have my doubts.
A lot of big personalities in gamergate were in it moreso for personal enrichment than to pursue any actual ideological goals. An ongoing shitstorm is a great way to drum up interest and collect a flock of rubes ready to pay you to keep saying things that validate them.
Rosanne Barr
Screenshots of his linkedin page, that's it.
for an age preaching about tolerance and acceptance to try to make life better for disenfranchised and troubled individuals due to gender expectations and such, you'd think people would practice what they preach but then when has that ever happened reasonably on the internet, much less made good news?
She's doing fine, her youtube channel is a runaway success https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JNrteSAu5ys
What does this post even mean
what is the point of this
I was never invested in this what so ever youre just an assumption filled loud mouth it seems
Well looks like I'll only use GOG from now on :^)
Stunning and brave.
damn dude u just read thru a thread n specifically replied to me then went how im overreacting to something that ive literally not overreacted to then proceed to tell me i need to ~widen my worldview~ and should cut the devs I've shown like, zero fucks abt making a bad tweet some slack but nah you're not invested in anything here
You're like those people that rushed to buy burgers from chik-fil-a when it came out the ceo was anti-gay people
1) I read the whole thread but didn’t want to contribute 2) I saw you do your usual assumptive thing 3) I commented on that. I dont think cdprojekt meant to offend. I think blasting them as a silent partner of whatever enemy you want them to be is wrong. do you require ideological alignment with your views to think someone has valid ideas or thoughts? You act that way
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