• Pirates of the Caribbean Is Getting a Reboot (Yes, Reboot) from the Deadpool Wri
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https://www.vanityfair.com/hollywood/2018/10/pirates-of-the-caribbean-reboot-deadpool?mbid=social_facebook Stop pls
They'll never top Bollywood's reboot of it already https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zI-Pux4uaqM
I liked Deadpool a lot. Despite this, I'm really really ready for POTC to stop. New franchises are always far more interesting.
how do we know its not just a pirate adventure with totally new characters instead of the thing we have? Isn't pirates named after a disney ride?
Put Pirates of the Caribbean on hiatus or in hibernation or whatever and use whatever plans you have for the reboot on, say, a Sinbad the Sailor film. Or something. Do something we haven't seen for a while or something new.
I am cautiously optimistic that this will be good.
I wish studios would back more original content
tbf i've always thought "i'd like more pirate movies, but the only way someone would make one is if it's attached to POTC" in my book this is still a garbage decision, but it really feels like the only way to get a "new" pirate movie off the ground nowadays
A Treasure Island movie but it's just the continuation of Black Sails would be awesome. Though I guess only Long John Silver would be there, it'd be fun to have a darker more mature pirate movie than the goofy (no pun intended) Disney ones.
Future film historians will regard this time as the era of corporate bullshit with a few good indies and infinite reboots
They're rebooting it because someone at Disney thought (actual PoTC spoilers if you care) That it would be a good idea to end the last movie by getting rid of all of the curses and magical shit that made the stories in PoTC happen. Like if they wanted to make more movies that's literally the stupidest thing you could have done
Treasure Island movie/series with the people from Black Sails please.
Pirate movies have historically done poorly, up until PotC, and since Disney lives on brand recognition, it really is the only way there’s gonna be new pirate themed movies.
so black sails?
Black Sails was a prequel to Treasure Island though.
Sounds pretty awesome actually. Pirates has always been a little bit of a guilty pleasure for me, since Depp is phenomenal in his role and between him, the music, and the setpieces, it's usually more than enough to keep me entertained as long as it doesn't drag on too much. Being writted by the Deadpool crew sounds amazing - they're just the sort that could really capitalize on the franchise's strong points.
Why not make a movie set in the period, but also be realistic, and be about completely different characters and events? Could we stop making the same movie 6 times please?
Fuck off, we had enough reboots. Spider-Man got rebooted 3 TIMES
Treassure Planet 2.
This legitimately looks like it'd be fun to watch, it's a shame I don't speak their language
Funnily enough, Russell Crowe has been hinting at another Master and Commander movie, though whether or not it’ll get made is another story
Enough pirates, it's time for cowboys.
what i really want is a movie about miners. lots of potential fun there: tunnel collapses, discovering untold wealth, finding a large cave system, jets of water spurting out of the walls
LXG reboot? I am in for some Captain Nemo action.
If anything could use a reboot do it to Atlantis goddamnit
Cheap sets too!
Nah. They would totally be making Pirates 6 despite that bullshit ending, if not for one factor: they know they can't bring Johnny Depp back without attracting scores of controversy. And he's the fucking star now, so they have no choice but to start over.
Somebody call them and ask to buy rights to "Pirates of Dark Water" then reboot that shit with proper alien planet corsairs.
I'd rather it stay in limbo and keep the hope of it being rebooted as a series than have Disney turn it into a cinematic universe. It's still fucking ripe for a series reboot, though if they did reboot it, I wonder if they'll find some way to integrate the Japanese theme song - it's hype as fuck.
Wait... more?!
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