• Megyn Kelly out at NBC after defending blackface
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Eh, good riddance
I'm not a fan of somebody slipping up then being completely ousted from their job like this. She apologised, which doesn't absolve her of what she said, but at least she had the backbone to not double down and be a twat about it?
I've never liked Megyn Kelly, but.. > “You do get in trouble if you are a white person who puts on blackface for Halloween, or a black person who puts on whiteface for Halloween. Back when I was a kid, that was okay just as long as you were dressing as a character.” > “I defended the idea, saying as long as it was respectful, and part of a Halloween costume, it seemed okay,” Maybe I don't have enough investment in the argument, but I don't really see what's so inflammatory about what she said?
actually watching the video it sounds like she was just ignorant of the history and apologized after learning about it
She's getting a $69 million payout
In context I don't think it's worth losing your job over. I wonder if they were looking for a reason to ditch her and jumped.
You know, under normal circumstances, I would look past something like this since the person seemed to later understand why what they did was wrong. On the other hand... This is fucking Megyn Kelly. Kelly has surrounded herself in politics for decades and I really think she should know better. Considering who she is, I really kind of doubt that she was blissfully ignorant about it.
It's the classic thing of where someone in a position of influence flippantly talks about something important about which they know nothing. They naturally make huge, simplified statements about it as any layman would without actually taking into account any of the complexities of the issue. Like, if she'd have just sat down and gone "what's the deal with people getting mad at blackface?" to herself with maybe a quick google, she could have realised everything. If it was just someone you were talking to at a party who didn't know shit, it's entirely forgivable. If it's someone on a major news network making the same quick, slapdash leaps, it's less okay. Influential journalist-types need to know about the shit they're discussing before they giving their opinions, because their opinions have more weight.
She was a ratings disaster. Magic Eight Ball says "signs point to yes."
That's what I think too. Remember how Megyn got here in the first place. Back when Trump was rising, she faced him with questions about sexism, and as a result was met with, you guessed it, sexist remarks by Trump. It got her a lot of support, and she was painted as one still-sane conservative. Either she, or the people that hired her, overestimated Republican backlash (and backbones), because there was no exodus, just consolidation under the new Trump banner. She left Fox, was moved to a morning show, and it was clear by the first week that she was kind of terrible at it. She's a political pundit, used to more combative debate, not to being an upbeat morning host.
I can't even fully disagree with her. It doesn't seem like a good idea and I personally wouldn't do it, but as long as you weren't turning it into a minstrel show or dressing up as a "gang member" or something else idiotic, going into costume as a character of a different race doesn't have to be inherently racist.
It doesn't have to be, but as it stands, the act has a centuries-long history of dehumanization towards black people, and no real history of being done sensibly with mainstream acceptance. I don't know that there is any culturally tactful way of doing blackface right now, certainly not without self-critical metacommentary in the vein of Tropic Thunder.
I don't see the big deal, but her being punished by getting 70 million for it makes me not care a bit.
if people would go that far with makeup and character self awarness (even the pink guy kind of satire over top) i think it would be amazing.
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