• ‘The Simpsons’ producer confirms Apu is being written out of the show
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then shut the fuck up if you don't want people to be mean to you and your positively moronic opinions, leftytudd
I agree with lefTudds remove brown man from the.
can we ban this idiot
We'd need clearly defined rules for that. Ask Garry... oh, wait.
"It's ok when I do it tho" fuck off
k, but that's exactly what we're talking about here. you see the person in your picture more than just a chinese dude holding chopsticks and eating rice. we see apu more than just an indian store owner with a heavy accent. get it?
I know this ship has kinda sailed already but as a huge Simpsons fan I've gotta add my two cents; most of the obvious was stated in the first page so I won't say whats already been said (unless this has been said) It's 20 seasons too late. Actually no, more like 30. The simpsons has already made any impact than it ever was going to, between 20-30 years ago. You can axe the character on a dead show sure, but you cant erase him from the millions of DVDs of the show that people will continue to watch for probably even decades still to come. And part of that makes me think that's why they just let the guy win, because its totally inconsequential to get rid of him at this point. I genuinely believe that anyone still watching the simpsons and caring about it by the current season probably doesnt even have the brain capacity to comprehend this situation in the first place.
If the Is in reference to The Problem With Apu, getting rid of the character was never the goal of the film and I dare anyone to prove otherwise.
reminder: https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/273775/aad60851-fd37-4aa2-b637-5a071d609c32/1540702826043.gif
I wasn't aware quote boxes could hold that much irony.
Alright, so you're literally just talking out of your ass and acting like you're right. Stop posting. You clearly have no understanding of what you're talking about and dismissing arguments constantly based on whether it fits your agenda.
Alright, at this rate I'm going to be banning the whole thread. If someone's got a shit opinion make your 1 comment and move on. Don't shit up threads over callouts or people inability to properly argue a point, they may just be special. Rate it box if it's dumb and let em rot in their box fort.
More news came up. Al Jean, who's been an exec on the show since its beginnings, responded to the claims but did not say whether they were true or not. https://www.bbc.com/news/newsbeat-46017390
Just let the show die already. Apu is purely a symptom of the Simpsons being a zombified relic of a bygone era. Put it in the ground where it belongs.
please write Snake out of the show next, he is a negative portrayal of us in the criminal community
Apu is arguably one of the most complex and interesting characters on the show. Hell I'd watch a fucking spinoff about him running his store instead of The Simpsons.
I'm of Irish and Italian descent. All those racist stereotypes of my ancestors need to fucking go too. Lol
As I said last week: World is becoming one massive snowflake. There are cunts who just sit all day and look for reasons to complain/cry/bitch, Apu wasn't an issue for like what? 30 years? And now out of sudden it's a problem and he has to go. The modern PC world is becoming too fucking much, eventually it's bound to happen that everything we play/watch/do will be offensive to someone. I fucking hate modern culture. I love south park because whenever somebody bitches at them or tries to pull this PC bullshit - they tell them to fuck off and create episode about it exaggerating the problem.
Again, to play Devil's advocate, since so many of you are claiming that every other ethnic character in the show is a racist stereotype, which ones, exactly? Because while I never watched the Simpsons religiously, I did grow up enjoying the show, and Apu really strikes me as the only recurring example. Well, okay, not strictly true, there's Groundskeeper Willie. And... that's it, I think. Speaking as an Indian immigrant to Canada myself, I always found Apu mildly offensive as a character. Not least because you would not believe the number of Americans and Canadians I encountered growing up who genuinely thought that's what Indian people talked like, and kept quoting him at me like it was supposed to be funny. I did really enjoy some of his arcs, though. And it's not like I was ever pissed off enough to complain about it. But if they should choose to strike him from the show, I honestly am not that mad about it. We're long past the point where he's funny, anyway.
If you read the thread, you would know that people have brought up the Italians many times.
Why do people call everything that they disagree, a Tudd Clone
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