• Metro 2033 Creator Calls The Witcher Author An 'Ungrateful Schmuck'
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Metro 2033 Creator Calls The Witcher Author An 'Ungrateful Schmu.. Glukhovsky said that as a gamer himself he looks at Sapkowski as ‘’an old fool.’’ He went on to state that the Polish author ‘’f**ked up,’’ and that the reason for his $16 million lawsuit against developer CD Projekt RED is due to his ‘’wife [nagging] him about it in the evenings, and [then] he tries to roll it back.’’ He concluded that Sapkowski is ‘’an ungrateful schmuck’’ since he wouldn’t have his current Netflix deal without the success of the games.
Not the first time he's talked about the author of The Witcher https://waypoint.vice.com/en_us/article/wn938w/a-no-bullshit-conversation-with-the-authors-behind-the-witcher-and-metro-2033 "I think that he's totally wrong, and that he's an arrogant motherfucker," says Dmitry Glukhovsky from his Moscow flat, in response to Sapkowski's claim. "Without the gaming franchise, the Witcher series would never get this crazy international readership that it has. And it's not just about the gamers but the gaming press and the buzz it creates, and just the feeling of something great and massive and impressive coming out. This got people hooked. He would remain a local Eastern European phenomenon without this, but he would never break into the West. And the same goes for my Metro books." A Moscow native, Glukhovsky started writing his first novel, Metro 2033, at the age of 17. He published it online for free five years later. "And it happened so that the game developers were among the first readers," Glukhovsky recalls. "The creative lead of 4A Games, Andrei Proharov, was sent a link to the website by some of his friends, and he read it overnight and thought it was a perfect story for their next game." Glukhovsky—a fan of classic Fallout games and S.T.A.L.K.E.R., with which 4A Games leant a helping hand—didn't need much convincing to give the project his blessing. "I decided to use this opportunity to tell my own kind of story, and I was not at all judging video games as a danger to my precious property. Quite the contrary, I thought that it's a great opportunity to promote the entire IP. And that was exactly the way it worked." Glukhovsky's approach to inviting the creative input of others shows outside of his partnership with 4A Games as well. Parallel to the Metro stories written by Glukhovsky, an official trilogy of them, runs a franchise of dozens of books set in his post-apocalyptic universe. All written by "readers who are welcome to become contributors," as Glukhovsky himself calls them.
Shits on videos games, sells the game rights for his novel for pennies because he thinks games are dumb, gets pissed when the game makes millions. A-grade cunt right there.
I think at this point if it really was just "ironic shitposting guys!" he'd said something, it's one thing to have people on the internet call you a shithead, but to have an actual writer come on the news and say that is a whole different thing. Besides, him not admitting to a mistake goes in line with him being one arrogant motherfucker.
It would be understandable if the developers personally cheated him, but they actually did try to offer royalties instead of a flat sum too.
Fun writer, Terrible business man
I'm so fucking glad that purchasing the game doesn't fund this idiot lmao what a loser
fuck you
I wouldn't think this way if he was cool about it. But instead he has to be a demanding twat about something he's already declined. It's such a shitty petty thing to do.
lol he's just being a bitch that he lost out on a good deal because of his own arrogant stuck-up dumb views
I'll just want to note that Glukhovsky released Metro 2034 for free for a few months before it's release, one chapter at a time, and couldn't care less about pirating his books, so I am glad he said something about all this.
Obligatory https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7AbUdQHvPNk
I think they thought you were talking about Glukhovsky.
This is what a cool-as-fuck-dudebro does It'd be cool to have metro in russian as a shelfpiece, unreadable but authentic
"Beef is "it's I see you and it's ICU""
I had no idea that Metro 2033 was a webnovel at first! It's like all those Japanese light novels that got adaptations, only good.
Huh, You think you'd just sit down with them and hammer out a new deal.
They have no obligation morally or legally to do so, they offered him a fair deal at the start and he actively turned it down.
Turns out Glukhovsky is a great writer and a total savage
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