• Emergency situation at Pittsburgh synagogue, reports of gunman
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When people feel like they have an enemy, a genuine one, they feel compelled to defend themselves. If you believe that George Soros and his Jewish mafia are going to destroy your way of life, you might just shoot up a synagogue.
Please stop shit flinging guys. All you're doing is getting each other mad.
I've observed Joey RPing shooting up Californians on discord before.
Yea everyone in the firearms discord says stuff like that. Do you not understand the concept of morbid humor or do you think discords dedicated to shitposting are 100% serious? My discord picture is Hitler sitting in a wicker armchair with a Swastika woven into it. Do you think I'm a Nazi or a big fan of wicker artistry?
This ain't it, chief. Also, it wasn't in the firearms discord.
Considering its you, I'm still going to stay under the assumption that youre unable to understand the concept of shitposting.
They'll just move elsewhere. You genuinely cannot prevent this kind of bullshit from happening because they'll just infect somewhere else (i.e Discord) and when people catch on, they'll go elsewhere and will most likely use it to recruit more like minded idiots ("They're censoring us! Join the cause" etc etc).
do you think that makes it better shitpost and be edgy all you want on discord, we don't care what kind of edgy memes youre into, but don't sermon people about being "reasonable or cordial" when youre being a flaming asshole and derailing a news thread to whine about your right to shitpost and be taken seriously
/pol/ and 4chan isn't a prison. If they post on /pol/, they very likely post on other boards and on Reddit as well. The "containment board" notion is a complete falsehood, an excuse spread by /pol/ users who are afraid of their nazi board getting deleted. Because if they lose their platform, they lose their community, and they will have a harder time being accepted and spreading their hateful ideas. And it is of utmost importance that we deny the radical right every platform to spread their ideology. Drive them into obscurity, make certain that their bigoted, sexist and xenophobic rhetoric does not see the light of day. The more obscure their communities are, the harder it is to find them, and the less traction they will get among the mainstream. Therefore, force 4chan to remove the nazis, or block the site entirely.
I believe that people should be free to express offensive rhetoric, and support the ideals of the first amendment. I don't care who it is against and what the bias and bigotry relates to, but I don't think it's OK to silence someone else's speech regardless of content. I may hate the anti-white rhetoric that exists in some corners of the internet for instance, but if I was in control I would still allow it to exists for the principle alone. And you can't honestly be proposing to hold an entire website's existence hostage due to a portion of users.
I think it's a bit of a stretch to make the leap to psychopath
ye they were
I didn't find them that funny, I have Californian relatives. But I won't stifle his speech or make absurd accusations of psychopathy just because we have different senses of humor
But can we still talk shit about gypsies and Chinese tourists?
Lol get real dood. Im not gonna be nice to SKS when he spends his life on this forum denigrating those he disagrees with. He doesnt deserve better treatment because of that. I dont think youre quite understanding why we brought up discords so Ill leave it to you to actually reread the context of these posts.
hey man Joey's political opinions might be a bunch of crazy cosmically out-of-touch dogshit but he's a nice guy, really
Nah man, it's just edgy ironic humor, like those competely ironic kidders on /pol/.
Tbh I just wish the san andreas fault would flip the whole state upside down. Id rather deal with the crab people on the underside of the plate than actual californians.
Just a reminder this is the thread about the synagogue shooting that took at least 8 innocent lives today. I know it's hard to remember that when the local gun club thinks this is the most appropriate place to tell us how funny joking about shooting people is to them. I'm glad we all know that now, lets maybe go back to what the thread is about
dude i'm as far from Joey as you can get and used to get genuinely creeped out by him, but if you talk with him for five minutes it's clear he's no more dangerous to others than any gun owner who posts on Facepunch Studios forums
Theres a gun club? wtf why'd no one tell me
Can we get back on track here and not fall apart into a big fight.
To be fair they weren't the ones who brought it up. You hardly can't expect them to not defend themselves when they're being accused.
It's been a year since trump called these guys nice people https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n12sjwk9FBE
I don't get it. What's wrong with california?
I agree, when people from the group say things that imply the exact line of thought perpetrated by extremists and then they justify that behavior with their culture, there's no reason that culture should be talked about.
Why am I hearing people say this guy hated Trump?
theres alot of lone wolfs lately wonder if they are part of a pack of some kind
A mouse, when cornered (or even if it feels like it's cornered), will fight the cat.
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