• Sony censorship policy making Japanese devs censor themselves even in Japan
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... The first one look even more sexual. Have these people never heard of bubbling? A photo editing technique which uses clever positioning of transparent circles in an opaque color layer to trick the mind into thinking a person in a photo is naked when they really aren't.
This is my guess. After all, we've seen these same kinds of people who've been having all these - ahem - "grievances" over sexual content in video games the past few years manage to weasel their way into influential positions in the industry (after all, if you can con your way to an audience with the United Nations over your petty video game slapfight, then infiltrating the unscrupulous, shareholder-beholden game industry itself is child's play), and it seems that someone has now taken it upon themselves to abuse that power to force their own value systems onto other cultures. Really, I don't care one way or the other about sexual stuff in video games - not my bag - but all this move will do is piss people off. Japan's always been pretty lax about this stuff and it really isn't hurting anybody by letting people have their fanservice. I've seen men and women both enjoy this stuff equally and even share their enjoyment with each other. No one who isn't acting irrationally should have a problem with this so long as everyone involved are responsible adults. I hate to say this because it's sounds callous and like something you'd find on 4chan or the sketchier subreddits out there, but this kind of material is so utterly harmless that I actually agree that the only people who find this stuff "problematic" are either ladies with a history of envy towards women they see as more attractive and have decided to take that jealousy out on "nerd media" since it's an easy target, or men who see this lashing out and figure that by kissing up to this behavior, they can woo those ladies themselves. Again, I don't even have a horse in this race (and even if I did, there are easier ways to find fanservice than obscure video games), but this should be such a non-issue and "live and let live" situation that there's really no other motive besides someone being jealous of others enjoying themselves. For the Japanese audience, this must just seem completely out of the blue: "Who do these Americans think they are to suddenly come to our country and try to boss us around over our own media for our own consumption, why do they even have an issue with it in the first place, and why now when we've been doing this for decades?" And yeah, it's ironic that Sony of all people are the ones who've fallen victim to this since pretty much every PlayStation system - console and especially handheld - has been a haven for these kinds of games up until now. Then again, for me this is just more evidence that PlayStation shouldn't have obtained nearly as much of the control that it did this generation. So much for the "good guy" console, huh, guys? Take this back to E3 2013 and show it around and tell people that #GreatnessAwaits.
hey if the nips crack down on this hard enough maybe theyll even get the birth rates to rise again.
Yeah its the porn games thats dwindling the birth rates and and not the horrendous work ethic
Visual Novels aren't games anymore apparently. Are walking simulators games too? Should I put quotes around them when I call them games?
This is stupid and hard to defend. Naturally defending the uncensored versions is going to label you as a creep because "sex is very icky!!!!! but doom is ok guys " which is kinda pathetic considering we're in [current year]. That'd all be fine and dandy if it was censored from Japan to US, but this is a branch from the US forbidding the japanese one from releasing the games like that locally. Again, if they were censored in the US version but uncensored in the Japanese version it'd be fine, if not stupid but whatever, different cultures, but this is imposing one culture upon another for no good reason. And what they're censoring is also kinda pathetic, going by the images. The censoring (as is usually the case honestly) is more suggestive than the actual image they're censoring in the first place. Fucking A lol
A lot of movies are just dubbed over, especially the kind of movies Japanese kids/teens consume. Video games sold for consoles in Japan are also mostly in full Japanese, unlike in some European coutries (and especially Portugal) where, as kids, you kinda just had to put up with the vast majority of your Dreamcast/Playstation/Xbox video games being in English, or, if you were lucky, Spanish. People don't realize that exposing kids to media in foreign languages and cultures instead of just dubbing and localizing everything is a good thing; if I hadn't watched so much stuff in English with my dad as a kid I might not be posting in this forum. Watching Doraemon dubbed in spanish as a kid/young teen also made me decent at Spanish (moreso than the average Portuguese soccer coach at least, wink wink) and later also helped me in Japanese, and I don't think I have to explain that last one. Meanwhile, my boyfriend is from Japan and he doesn't speak a lick of English because only as a very late teen did he get into PC gaming, Steam, and VR, in which English dominates (especially in VR), and at 22 years old working at a Japanese company (with Japanese work ethics...) he just doesn't find the motivation to get into English classes in his free time 'cause when he gets home from work he just wants to relax with video games or his car, or, well, me. So it's sadly kind of a safe bet that, at this point, he'll never be fluent in English, and I think the situation is extremely similar for many Japanese folks. And then there's the matter of English classes being inadequate in Japan, which is another subject entirely.
Ah, so it's basically like a lot of European countries, but magnified beyond just kids shows/movies being dubbed. (all media i consumed as a kid was dubbed) But then there's the oddity, it feels that the Japanese still use enormous amounts of English words and sentences (often broken / nonsensical) in their media - even when they don't understand what they themselves are writing. Doesn't anyone there think it's silly? Would be neat to know what for instance your boyfriend thinks about it. I don't know any Japanese people to ask personally.
I really don't have an explanation for that other than "it sounds cool". Like, the Japanese think English is cool, they admire it, and lately a lot of people incorporate random English words in their vocabulary even if they can't actually form a proper full English sentence. Video from someone who isn't a fan of foreign words entering the Japanese vocabulary (which to me is quite ironic since a lot of "classic" japanese words also come from foreign words like 金平糖 (konpeitou, which comes from portuguese "confeito)) so do take it with this personal bias of him in mind, but also know that it isn't as exaggerated as you might think as some people actually talk like this: https://twitter.com/Dogen/status/1022070709063831552
Am I misremembering SIE relocated their corporate headquarters to the US? That's the only explanation I have for this. Sounds like someone from a Western branch that is against this sort of stuff spontaneously seized a high control position in Japan to try to "attack the problem at the root". IIRC they set it in California, guess there is some connection...
iirc you can live your whole life in Japan without need English for the most part. There are some words that are adopted from English or other foreign language but they have been converted to the Japanese writing system that they've become part of the language, like how the English word Ninja is adopted from Japanese language.
Its trendy and Japan is fascinated with America as it is the other way around. A lot of animated and literary genres post 1950s in the US has had a huge influence from Japan who also got it from the US. A perfect example is Mecha, which gets its root from Mech which is from Battletech, a western property, which came from its lead designer loving the the Real Robot Genre of the 70s/80s which itself came from the Power Armor concept of Starship Troopers. And this is one example.
Death Stranding's gonna get ruined
but battletech was originally based on designs from anime, like macross and dougram the giant robot genre in japan dates back to the 50's, and the term mecha dates back even further than that as a general term for mechanical constructs but yes generally speaking you are right
Death Stranding is gonna be fine, a majority if not all hit are Visual Novels which can be argued aren't "tasteful". Games with larger themes are probably fine.
I honestly find that really perplexing because most languages borrow from other languages. People on the Philippines actually speak like this, though I guess you can make a point about how traditional Japanese is becoming more lost as globalization and cultural consolidation eliminates the need to learn past college grad level. Considering I just spoke about cultural consolidation, I find it in pretty bad taste that this is the US pushing their cultural norms onto the Japanese branch. Japan sold the PS4, if I want some boring, moralizing, all-American console, I'll buy a beefier PC because Xbone has fucking nothing going for it.
I mean to be fair, Japan just thought Anericans would have zero interest in turn based games until Advanced Wars sold like hotcakes. At least the games are coming out in both directions.
If this hits catherine full body I'm gonna be sad. It seems like stupid censorship pushes always manage to hit at least one smt related game
Unfortunately this isn't a terribly good argument. People with stupid opinions like that frequently are of the opinion that visual novels and such actually aren't games.
gonna need the uncensored to be sure I understand chief
Why cant it be both? Think about it, when you're young you overindulge in sexual-themed media, basically already messing with your sociability and sex-drive from the get go, and then once you get older you're crushed into ridiculous work ethics. Why not just go back to your hentai and sexually-themed games instead of actually working towards building a family and having kids at that point? Japan is just so weird and alien to me because of this and I never understood why people are drawn to it. It's not an enigma, it's obvious in-your-face pandering to a very specific brand of individuals, and reflects a lot of problems within Japanese society.
I wouldn't worry about that. Atlus is way too big of a name for Sony to bully - they seem to be going for targets they know they can force to cooperate. Incidentally, most of Sony's senior level management has changed since the glory days of 2013 where good guy Sony could do no wrong while Microsoft was fucking up left and right. Given that this is just the latest in a line of poor PR for Sony due to boneheaded decisionmaking, I'm starting to wonder if that's somehow connected.
Maybe ya'll need to stop jacking of to underage characters, and Sony need to make porn games out of older woman
Also worth noting that the dubbing of console games happen more often there nowadays than around ten, twenty years ago. Back in the day even Japanese games like Resident Evil, Silent Hill and Devil May Cry only had English dubs with Japanese subtitles cause they where made with a western audience in mind and they didn't spend money to focus on a Japanese dub when that was a secondary market. Nowadays when game budgets have increased those type of games increasingly get Japanese dubs, even the older titles get Japanese dubs in rereleases and western games like the Witcher are getting Japanese dubs too.
P-sure the characters in this VN are actually adults. P-sure one of the VNs that got censored involves Adults. P-sure you don't know what you are talking about.
Obviously you know what the hell is being discussed and not just throwing a cheap half-ass jab at drawn porn because "b-but the lolis"
Thanks fam I hope Last of Us to gets censored so I don't see underage kids make out in a 15$ DLC
I'd rather see an PS2 re-release.
One thing I was discussing with fellow lewd game developers (for games that can't be censored because of the type of game they are) is to release the game as a paid homebrew product using an open source toolchain, could be a good alternative to draconian censorship.
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