• Kentucky man dresses up as an SS officer while dressing his toddler as hitler.
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Dude claims that he didn't know it would cause a stir and then posted this to his facebook: https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/132996/b1a5e2f8-2a7e-4b15-98ee-96c594828a8c/image.png I'm not sure I can believe his ignorance.
Wtf why are libtards so triggered!!!!!
I personally don't mind people dressing as Nazis for Halloween, but dressing one's children as that is really fucked up.
If it was a few years ago, I would be much more forgiving in assuming that is was truly just a silly costume But he should know that it's not gonna fly in this climate
He has a point, i mean, people dress up as all kinds of evil incarnate, why not Nazi's as well or are they too evil? PC culture needs to die, ww2 was nearly 80 years ago.
If you look on his Facebook, he's an actual nazi.
Meh. This shit happens literally every Halloween. It's only marginally more special because this tone-deaf schmuck dressed up 1) immediately after a mass shooting by a genuine nazi and 2) Did it with the clear intention of baiting people. Considering how many times I've hung out at, hell, not even Halloween parties, with different Nazi cosplayers, I think I've shaken hands with every senior member of the Reichstag. In a saner world, "man gets angry reactions on Facebook over tasteless family costume gag" would not be a headline for any major anything. But here we are.
No, I think it's pretty tone-deaf. I think patently obvious trolling like this is about as tone deaf as say, a trollface with bright red "U MAD?" caption. People can be stupid tone-deaf schmucks while also stroking their own fantastical, self-satisfying "I'm so clever" ideas. Lindy Beige makes a career out of it on Youtube. A genuine Nazi trying to rile people up with his dumb family costume isn't an existential threat. It's just a remind that stupid, unsubtle Nazis exist.
Ah yes, because kids in a ghost costume or freddy krugger cosplays, two imaginary fairy tale monsters, is the same as a dressign your kid after a real man who killed millions and whos ideology is still killing today. The guy is genuinely a nazi and holocaust denier. He's just using the excuse of halloween to normalise wearing his SS uniform and paint a hitler moustache on his kids.
I genuinely wonder if these right wing loonies have autism or Asperger's, since they seem to completely misunderstand social norms.
Yeah not buying this. There is a difference between dressing up as an evil fictional character and a literal Nazi. Sure, Nazi uniforms have their place for re-enactors, in the entertainment industry and for historical purposes but this is not that.
Every time
Wear whatever you want, just don't act surprised when people treat you like a dipshit for it. I do think the idea of using Nazis as Halloween material is neat, but it requires an intelligent approach to pull off decently. It also requires not being an actual Nazi.
jack the ripper pretty fictional am i rite?
Jack the Ripper can also be brought to mind without any link to any major social issue (i.e., antisemitism). Aka why Nazi costumes are really trashy taste.
I just feel bad for the kid really. People who drag their kids into their politics are scum. Imagine the kid googling his name for fun with friends and this showing up.
He's not even doing it for the laugh, he's actually a nazi. Poor kid.
After seeing his facebook all I can say is you're not supposed to dress up as yourself on Halloween.
I can appreciate an offensive costume played for laughs, but that's obviously not what this guy was after. Pretty fucking gross.
Doesn't the guy know he's not in Thailand
poor kid, man
I am not really sure what to think of a person that unironically uses the words "the so called 'tolerant left'" Am also not sure what to think of a man who thinks dressing up as Hitler equates to dressing up as Jason Vorhees or Darth Vader. If this is true, then I am not even suprised.
Typical leftist bias facepunch being politically correct again. If the article was about an actual communist who dressed up as Joseph Stalin (killed way more people than Hitler) for Halloween, the replies on this thread would be completely different. The lives of the Jews that Hitler killed aren't more valuable than the ones of others. The guy should be able to dress up as whoever he wants for the holiday.
Something feels fishy about the fact that you've only just signed up to post this comment. Plus, I doubt that what you claim is true.
If there was attempt to make it funny, sure, I could see it being blown outta proportion, but there was nothing funny about this. This was just him showing off his SS officer uniform and hoping that he wouldn't get shit for it, while still feeling like a badass. Bud, Americans beat the Nazis you love so much on their turf, we'll do it again on ours.
It's true and everyone here knows it. Just read the quotes from this thread below. The news and politics section of facepunch is just 99% lefts jerking each other off and shitting on the one right wing person until they either go to another forum or get banned.
If a tankie communist dad, who actually says "stalin did nothing wrong" dressed up his young child as stalin or mao for halloween, and then used that to push his agenda, id call it gross too are you mad at things people haven't said on purpose
Communists aren't killing people in America. A nazi shot up a synagogue just a few days ago. And what's with conservatives constantly bringing up how many people Joseph Stalin killed as if anyone gives a fuck? Or do you think anyone whose not right leaning is instantly a communist and will get triggered hearing JK's death count? Deflection tactic I guess? Really weird. And his fake-apology followed by the "Yes liberalism is alive and well. And we had the displeasure of dealing with the fruits of the so called "Tolerant Left."" comment it's fucking obvious this guy knew what he was doing. Maybe don't dress up as a Nazi a few days after a bunch of jews were shot by a racist, let alone with the current political climate. Dumb fuck and a bad parent.
Look, I've got a pretty bad cold right now and I might not be thinking straight, but reading those two quotes is supposed to make me see what exactly? I am trying to find the "99% lefts jerking each other off and shitting on the one right wing person until they either go to another forum or get banned" in them, but I can't see anything apart from these two posters explaining why it's not such a great idea to dress yourself up an SS officer and your child as Adolf Hitler for Halloween.
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