• Kentucky man dresses up as an SS officer while dressing his toddler as hitler.
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Congratulations, that is exactly what I believe. Communism will never work before it is time. It is a post-scarcity ideology. It literally cannot work unless we enter a point of post-scarcity. Any attempts to implement it without post-scarcity fall flat on their face. In a world with resource scarcity, the ideology requires the injection of other ideologies to be able to sustain itself economically. Most often, the ideologies that are injected are autocratic and authoritarian. The result is shit like the Soviet Union. Which is, by the very definition of the fact it's a hybrid of other ideologies, not a communist society. But I don't expect you to actually care about the semantics of the argument.
I went to school until I finished high school and I don't agree with everything jordon Peterson says but on this issue that video was a perfect example of why communism is bullshit the stuff he said about equality at the end was stupid though I agree.
That's literally what he just typed.
Besides, THIS is how you dress up as Hitler for Halloween (no exceptions): https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/132319/0ed9cfca-54db-44e4-b8c8-69963a221052/44873766_560469147744324_8959494391559356416_n.jpg
You're a fucking lying little shit. You were definitely taught about communism and the gulags, because I was too, it's Canadian Social Studies mandatory learning you god-damn lying shit. You know what actually makes me mad? How people are lying so blatantly, thinking 'No one will double check my lies'. You're lying, and it doesn't take ANYTHING to figure that out.
Also its a running meme that russia sends you to the gulags. Same with mocking communism constantly for no food and horrible living conditions.
they definitely did send people to the gulags but no one acts like that’s okay when talking about this issue because unlike the holocaust people don’t really deny it very often
Yeah. Tankies pretty much never deny the Holodomor or gulags - they just justify them, because they're a batshit insane fringe. But, to their credit, a fringe that pretty much exclusively sticks to posting their reprehensible shit online. There are no neo-Soviet marches or terrorist attacks being conducted by neo-Soviets. They aren't actively trying to completely bring down American democracy, like the proud boys are.
i honestly don't give a shit that he dressed his son up as hitler and whatnot. i don't care that he's an alt right fuckboy. the reactions to what he's done are stupid and have only contributed to further his agenda.
How can your posts be this consistently bad How can you miss the point so hard?
"The reactions to dressing like a nazi are dumb. Don't treat him like a nazi, even though he's a self professed nazi". Can you just please think about this out loud and tell me how in the ever loving name of god this is "our" fault, and how it plays into his agenda? He's dressing like something he identifies as, that's not what halloween is about, and the reaction to it is justified by the fact he's a fucking nazi.
The moment anyone proclaimes themselves as a history buff, get ready for them to spew some bullshit that has no basis in fact or reality. They're only saying that to cover the stupid shit they say and make it sound like they know more than you do even though they have no idea what they're talking about.
dressing a kid up as hitler is child abuse... you see, without the context of "he's a real nazi", to the reasonable bystander it'll look like you're an overreactionary piece of shit. I mean i think you are overreacting because it's a damn costume., but I can see why you would say that. I just don't agree with you because dressing a kid up in a stupid costume doesn't negatively affect him. If anything, I think people who hurl abuse at a 5 year old (which may or may not be happening because of the situation, i don't really trust his claims myself.) are much worse than the guy baiting a reaction. When someone waves obvious bait in your face, it is entirely your fault to bite and make yourself look like an idiot. Look at history, nazis had a history of baiting the progressive german public to pave the way for hitler's rise to power. If you're going to keep making the same mistakes and not learn from history, you ought to start educating yourself more. Pick the right battles to fight, be very conscious of what you say.
How do people like these find a mate is what I always wonder.
What are you on about. You seem to think that the act of reacting is worse than channelling nazi views through your child..? Don't pretend like it's just some innocent joke-gone-wrong sort of thing. This guy knows exactly what he's doing. There's no excusing that. Obviously child services should be involved in something like this, because it is abusive.
did you just ignore the whole part about enabling nazis or are you just that dumb?
Look at his wife's FB posts on the last page and you'll see how lol
True teaching that to his kids is defintley child abuse and should be investigated.
What are you talking about? Are you really arguing that is bad to react to something?
In Russia there is still quite alot of modern day denalism about the holomdor and even about Stalin.
Autism and Aspergers are the same thing these days. The separate classification was rectified a few years ago.
And more importantly, I kinda take offense to the idea that this guy is completely clueless about his behavior because he supposedly has a mental disability. He's just a Nazi. It's really as simple as that. They're just more open than ever about their scumbaggery because we have a full-on white supremacist, wannabe fascist as president.
I want to add to that. Neither autism or Asperger would explain his pull to Nazi ideology. I myself am an Asperger person and I'm more than sure Asperger does not meddle with sich things. He is just a dumb nazi, foolish to believe propaganda he's fed without checking their factuality.
I only dressed up as Hitler! And also got every single detail right because (((those halloween costume designers))) are fucking libtard shills 88
I think it has more to do with the severity and the event being relatively recent. There's a chain restaurant named after Genghis Khan for example.
Should have gone an extra step and made themselves look like zombie Hitler and SS, then it may not have been such an "outrage" Shit is becoming too PC these days. a few years ago no one would have gave two shits, well, maybe not nearly as bad as this anyway.
Did you miss him being a holocaust denier and literal nazi?
Context. It's not just the costume.
personally I thought it was cheeky and adorable
Jouska, is that you?
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