• Users report nvidia 2080ti cards dying out and showing signs of degradation.
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https://www.digitaltrends.com/computing/nvidia-rtx-2080-ti-graphics-cards-dying/ As a nividia user, I hope AMD gives them a swift kick in the pants with the new high end card.
Much like with people reporting of their new consoles bought on launch day being DoA, It is worth noting that failure numbers may be skewed by the fact that people who aren’t facing problems are unlikely to report back with similar zeal.
Yeah, it's like saying 50% of reports are failures but that's not the proper number of people who aren't having issues, like the real percentage could be more like 5% or something.
5% is 1 in 20, that's a ridiculous amount of failures for one of the only two GPU producers we get to pick from
My point wasn't that 5% is still bad, it was just that it's not as bad as they make it out to be, sure, it's still an issue that should be looked into properly and not ignore, but sometimes the numbers are skewed a bit to make it sound a lot worse.
Also 5% in a $1k+ product is completely unacceptable. Especially something like a GPU which is supposed to last more than 5 years for the most part.
Not that it excuses these failures but early adopting the NVidia FE cards is always a bad idea in my book. Always go with some good third party card so you know you get fast RMA if it really happens. Who knows what the problem is here, maybe its just a problem in a production batch, maybe all cards are suspect to it.
While there were (unconfirmed) reports on the difficulty of manufacturing the chips used in 2080Tis and low yields, the 5% is just a number GHOST!!! threw out at random, we won't know for sure how many of them are faulty without numbers from either nvidia, third party manufacturers or even returns from stores
seems this is also effected 3rd Party cards too. not a good look for Nvidia atm.
I went through 6 1080ti's until I got a working one that didnt sound like an electrical transformer with the amount of coil whine a lot of them had.
Not really a surprise, a new product will always have a high failure rate at the start as they work out the kinks of production, especially when the product is as rushed as these cards were.
this is a classic case of a survivorship bias.
This and it's been a month? Let's look at this again when it's been 3 months. Real numbers will be there then. Early adopters always report issues. It's a good thing. They'll get replacements/repairs. Just hope this isn't no GTX 970 incident where there's a real defect and it REALLY suffers.
I hope that 2070 isn't like this.
Well considering I tried MSI, Asus and then gigabyte, no, not in my case. I kept demanding replacements cause there was no way I was accepting a buzzing card for $1500. Current one that has no coil whine and oc's like a champ is a gigabyte waterblocked card.
2070 and 2080 seem unaffected
At the same time, I don't remember this kind of incident with the past few series of cards.
Yeah its probably a production issue
Reminds me of when the 200 series first came out back in 2008 half of the first batch of gpu's had overheating and artifacting issues and alot of gpu's would just die and had to be rma'd.
I only get coil whine when the FPS I get far exceeds my refresh rate. Like 1500+ FPS on Halo 1’s main menu with an R9 380.
happened with 1070s and first batch of 570s.
5% is literally a random number they chose
thats good to hear!
They also get the privilege of paying $55 to send to back to Nvidia to RMA or return for insured shipping. Gotta love being an early adopter eh, get to pay a premium for an RTX card and don't even get to play a game that supports RTX before your card dies.
Oh boy that reminds me of the time when I had to send in two of my gtx 280 graphics cards back in 2009 because they were having artifacting and poor performance problems and they were Asus gpu's so I went through asus rma service which was a horrible experince. Asus's rma policy is so bad when ever I have any asus product fail as soon as a I get it I send it right back to amazon if it's brand new or just buy a whole new gpu rather then wasting my time with them. I had to wait a month each time I sent the gpu's in and they kept sending me refurbished gpu's that failed and I think it was about four times in all before they finally sent me some gpu's that didn't have any issues which took four months in total.
In response to a request for comment, Nvidia told Digital Trends that it was, “working with users individually but we are not seeing any broader issues.” ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I've looked at the thread on the nvidia forums and it seems like most people are having problems with the FE cards which is weird, if there was an issue with the GPU chip itself the third party cards would be affected as well
What are you talking about I just RMAd my 2080ti and it was free. They sent it in a super well packed box and emailed me a return label to send the old one back. All I had to do with the support guy was go through their checklist of "maybe it was another component in my PC going bad" things and he started the RMA for me. There's definitely a lot of failures for it to be newsworthy, but I'm not taking it super seriously because the failure rate is sure to be higher than natural right at launch. There's higher volume being moved. The failure rate could be the same 4 months from now but the actual number is going to be dwarfed because sales have slowed down by then. Also the failure mode of the card was weird, at least in my case. It still output video but it was kind of like the equivalent of limp mode in a car. Device manager said the card reported a problem so the drivers couldn't run, but I still had basic low-res output. With about a million white lines racing across my screen at all times.
https://www.tomshardware.com/news/rtx-2080-ti-gpu-defects-launch,37995.html Seems like it might have to do with the memory overheating on FE and poorly cooled partner boards, if that's the case you'll probably be fine if you get one with a proper 3-slot heatsink I nearly got a heart attack yesterday when mine started crashing in Fallout 4 but it turned out to be a known bug with the game, thanks Bethesda
been rocking a 1070 for about 2 years, and the only "problem" is that sometimes it starts making a soft, rattling quiet noise that dissipates in about a minute. It's kind of relaxing actually.
Wait, so not only is your 1300+ USD GPU dying in a few weeks, you have to pay to ship it back?
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