• DC Considering 'No Right Turn on Red' Rules to Boost Street Safety
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the way this was phrased made me think this was a federal thing and i was about to flip my shit it also made me think of this top gear scene http://i.imgur.com/jdX1DSo.png
I remember when I was visiting my boyfriend the US, and he was turning right on red and I jumped and borderline screamed "What the fuck are you doing??" because I didn't know about this. US has some bizzare traffic laws from my euro view.
people in Europe can't look left?
We're just a continent of pussies. That's also why we don't like guns.
It seemed kinda' sketch when I first started to drive and had to do it for the first time, but after a while I basically realized that it was more or less the same as turning onto a street from a side-road. In this case you're just allowed to do it at an intersection and also have to watch out for people doing u-turns and the like.
This is the first time I've heard of this law being a thing, to Europeans red light means red light - you wait the fuck behind it.
Americans are rebellious by nature
also idk if it's this way in Europe, but everyone in America goes 5mph over the speed limit, so they set the speed limit 5mph below what they want it to be. All the signs say 25mph, 35mph, 45mph, 55mph, 65mph, etc. because everybody goes 5 over.
Wait...you can't turn right on red in many countries? Why? I get it that some turns you can't do it, because you might not have enough time to see the cars, and in those situations even we have "no turn on red", but why never? That just seems like a needless waste of time, and thus, a waste of an untold amount of money.
It's because we're so far-left now that we only see Stalin.
You'll get honked at if you don't turn right, if the driver behind you can see there's no oncoming traffic. But there are intersections where you can't turn right on red during school hours. Or when you have multiple lanes for turning right, you see signs like "ONLY RIGHTMOST LANE CAN TURN ON RED"
In the article, they point out its for pedestrian safety. And yes, that's why right on red became a thing. It reduced congestion and was even put into effect in the 70s as a fuel saving measure. So interestingly, states that allowed it are given additional federal funding.
The speeds are all even. 50, 60, 80, 100, 120, etc. But everyone goes 5-10 over.
America's traffic laws seem really esoteric and convoluted sometimes.
I right turn on red all the time. If no one is coming or going, it’s perfectly safe. That said, I am Floridian, so we play fast and loose by road laws as it is.
call me when you turn left on red, coward
As a brit living in DC, this is desperately needed. The amount of times I've almost been flattened by a car in the last 4 months is ridiculous- and every time it's some wanker who decided to go even though he can see me walking in the road. Add to that the amount of collisions and retarded overtake from any lane and the seemingly inability of people to park properly (i.e. without hitting other parked cars) and it's no wonder almost every car you see is fucked up in some way. Just adopt the British laws of driving. They're safer. We have the 2nd safest roads in the world. Even despite us all doing 10-20 over the limit, the limits are set lower to take into account for that.
This is probably a good thing, every time I try to cross the crosswalk someone tries to right on red and nearly hits me without fail here, so it'd definitely be good at least here
Just make everyone who hasn't taken the road test in the last 5 years take it again before they're allowed to drive. Streets will be a whole lot safer Because a whole lot less cars will be on the road
Traffic in DC is already horrible enough thanks
One reason 'turn right on red' would never work in the Netherlands is that the redphase is used by pedestrians and cyclists that want to cross. Cars creeping through red lights would only make things more difficult. Yes, you have to wait a couple of minutes, but I'd rather have a longer commute than having to rely on RNJesus to determine if it's safe to cross the road.
Here we have designated times that pedestrians can cross, only during a countdown, so while it is true that cars can get in pedestrian's way here, the cars can wait for the pedestrians, as they are required to, anyway.
DC's streets are unique and a mess, I can understand this but watch congressional republicans veto this for no reason.
In Texas red lights are just "Yield on right turns, stop on straight lane" unless there is a sign specifically saying "No right turn on red light" or there is a sign that looks like https://www.dmv-written-test.com/images-car/Idaho-no_right_turn.png But yeah right turn on red is unheard of in some states here, but completely fine in others. I have an aunt who lived in another state wondering why the in the world people were taking right turns on red lights here.
I just feel like having the rule for half the states but not the other half is just going to produce more problems.
I literally cannot even imagine the pain I would feel if I had to get stuck behind a line of people who all want to turn, but can't because of a red light...and that would happen nearly every day.
There are a lot of places on my commute where right on red makes me actually want to commit vehicle-assisted murder. Dickheads who regularly don't look left at me, the oncoming traffic, because I CAN TURN RIGHT ANYWAYS LOL. Not to mention the multiple intersections where buildings/terrain/foliage block the view left until your nose is sticking halfway into the lane, so people just fucking creep forward until they're an obstacle.
in my country there is usually an additional light which regulates when you can turn right on a red light http://info-car.pl/binaries/content/gallery/infocar/infocarartykuly/zielona-strzalka-1.jpg it looks something like this
In right on red-allowing states, if such a light exists, typically you're not allowed to make the turn unless signalled by the arrow.
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