• Baggage handler falls asleep in plane's cargo hold in Kansas City, wakes up in C
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Lucky for him that heat and pressure were OK, afaik it isn't in most flights.
I bet 50 coins his colleagues were pissing themselves laughing as they closed the door and watched him take off.
Does that count as a vacation?
I kinda understand the logic of 'I'll take a quick 5 minutes nap in the corner' but heck he must have been a sound sleeper not to have woken up during the departure.
Don't they usually have headphones to protect their ears? Since they work so close to large jet engines/machinery and all?
Ah, true. Still, you'd think with the vibrations and acceleration he'd notice.
Planes have a pressurized climate controlled cabin for sensitive cargo or pets and a regular cabin for general luggage. He was in the former.
My dad worked with TWA out of Philadelphia in the 70's loading 747's, 727's L-1011's and others. The holds in these planes were HOT. And you had to be careful loading pets because they needed to go into the pressurized hold. There were multiple times where somewhere in the airline network someone screwed up and the airline would have to settle with the owner. Afaik he ever encountered this, but it sounds like this guy was lucky he was in the pressurized hold.
Some people can sleep right through that shit.
I've slept through multiple earthquakes before, some people are just really hard sleepers.
Let's be honest, he probably needed the sleep. I once fell asleep before takeoff in Dulles (East Coast USA) and woke up 30 minutes before landing in Seatac (other coast, 5.5 hour flight).
Was thinking the same thing. The aircraft I fly the forward cargo compartment is pressurized and heated while the aft isn’t.
mustve been really damn tired
wow cool u fly planes?
flying a glider, now thats cool
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